Cape Wagtail feeding in our garden

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While taking some photo’s of the Southern Masked Weaver building it’s nest my attention was drawn to the Cape Wagtail on the ground were the pool was.

One moment it’s just walking around then suddenly it just stick it’s beak in the ground and out comes an earthworm…. How did he know it was there?

The birding community of our garden is really coming along nicely, I have spotted Speckled Pigeons, Lemon Doves,Laughing Doves, Cape Turtle Doves,Cape Wagtail, Southern Masked Weaver, Cape Sparrow, House Sparrow and Cape White – eye.

I think I must spend more time in my front garden in the mornings. An hour a day over a few weeks would make a huge difference what do you think?

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/165

Well as you all know my outing last Monday ended up to be an all day event with the car braking down on our way back home… Needless to say I am still without a car and starting to get a bit frustrated and it feels like I am trapped  indoors.

So to try and relieve my frustration a bit this morning I grabbed my camera and walked to the field about 200m may be less from our house to see what it had to offer.

This was the first of many more beautiful surprises the field around the corner had in store for me.  A Cape Wagtail in a puddle of water. If you look closely at the leg in the air,it seems to me the foot part is missing? I tried to look at the other photo’s but on most of the both legs are in the water.

Cape Wagtail in a puddle of water

Project 365 Photo a day 365/16

What a Monday morning. Woke up with a nice cold and to top it off had to rush to school to take my son’s P.T clothes.  After dropping the clothes off at school I went to my printers armed with my camera. But nothing caught my eye that I would like to photograph. Table Mountain was hidden halfway behind a curtain of pollution and it’s not a pretty picture. So after I returned home I went outside into my garden and the following caught my eye…

I just love our Bottle Brush tree and just love how this photo came out. I took one without my flash and then one with my flash. I decided to use the one with the the flash.

The branch of our Bottle Brush Tree.

After taking several photo’s of our Bottle Brush I headed indoors then Tammy started barking and keep looking in the empty pond. The only water in it was from the rain. That remind’s me I need to spend some time in my garden the plants are getting out of hand looks like a jungle out there. I went to go and have a look what she was going on about and there the little Cape Wagtail is drinking water. Just as I stood closer to take a photo it flew up and walked up and down on the wall.  This little Cape Wagtail is part of my garden and so is the rest of  his family. Last year they build a nest in one of the Palm Trees in front of our house and I still took some shots of the feeding process. I hope this year they will do it again…

Cape Wagtail.