Butterfly World: Photography Lesson outing

Speckled Pigeon
Purple-crested turaco; Rose-ringed Parakeet; Lilian’s Lovebird
African Olive Pigeon
Bearded Dragon
Taiwanese Rat Snake, Green Tree Iguana, Panther Chameleon,

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For lesson five of Lizette’s photography training I took her to capture some Butterflies. I wanted her to work with depth of field and play with her settings. She also learned that ones equipment needs time to adapt to different climates.

We had a ball and we took allot of photo’s. Butterfly World not only have butterflies but also birds and a variety of other animals. I took some photo’s of the birds, butterflies and other animals.

They also have Marmoset monkeys  and the one decided that he wants to inspect my camera and flash… Lizette took the photo of me and the little Rascal.

Last day of winter first day of Spring! What does it really mean???

31 August 2012 and if we look at the calendar it’s the last day of Winter. 1 September first day of Spring. Well here in South Africa anyway.

Today it’s 13 degrees Celsius outside, raining and the wind is howling. I can’t see that tomorrow 1 September the first day of spring will be any different.  The only difference  between today and tomorrow will be the name of the rain. Yes the rain will we called the first Spring showers….

When I was a young girl the picture I painted for myself  of Spring was sunny blue skies, fields of flowers, butterflies sitting on the flowers and birds chirping in the trees. I guess I watched to much Heidi when I was small. 😀  Something else that I can remember about 1 September is that you did not go to school in a uniform the girls had on lovely sundresses and you took flowers to school for your teacher. In high school the boys gave the girls they liked flowers and everywhere you here of  a spring dance to collect money for one or other charity.

As I grew up that picture changed and for as long as I can remember it was still cold, the wind was still howling and it was still raining on the 1st of September…

Looking through my window on 31 August 2012
The garden is wet wet wet
Raindrops on the leaves