Brackenfell High School: Air rifle club

I went to visit the Brakkies Club one Tuesday to take some photo’s for their facebook page so that I can breath some life into it. Some of the photographs will also be displayed on the schools website. ¬†Trudie Badenhorst their coach/instructor is a wonderful woman. She loves all her kids here at the club. She is very strict when it comes to training. You must have discipline to do this sport. It takes hours of practice and practice and practice. While I was observing Mrs Trudie teaching them I realized that allot of what they learn in their training I also do while taking photographs. With lots and lots of practice it will come to you naturally.

The club does not only consist of Brackenfell High School students. Pupils from other schools are also welcome to join the club. They also have a special spot for primary school pupils.

Here are some collages I made of the photo’s I took.

Getting ready for practiceBrakkies1

The new shots had their first competition on Saturday 14 March 2015. Here Mrs Trudie explain to them how it will work and what they can expect. For their first competition they only do the prone position.
Brakkies2 Practicing Prone positionBrakkies3 Brakkies4 The older shots practicing their kneel and standing positionsBrakkies5 Brakkies6 Brakkies7 The new shots also did some training in the kneeling position
Brakkies8 Here Mrs Trudie explains to the shots the importance of trial/test shots.Brakkies9 Brakkies10 Here Mrs Trudie demonstrates to the New shots the standing position. Standing is the most difficult position to master but with tons of practice¬†and the use of Mrs Trudie’s advice you will be just fine…Brakkies11 Brakkies12 On a Tuesday Mrs Trudie has 3 classes. The second one is for primary school learners. Must say we have some great shots here.Brakkies13 Brakkies14 Brakkies15 Air Pistol Shooting also have a spot in the club.Brakkies16 Brakkies17 The Third group of the day is High school shots again.Brakkies18 Brakkies19 Brakkies20 Brakkies21 Brakkies22