Project 365 Photo a day: 365/254 – On cloud 9….

Clouds from above
Clouds from above

IMG-20121210 pj254bw

I was very happy to be on my way back to Cape Town. I don’t think Durban and surroundings will see me again during December I’ll rather visit in July. The humidity and storms were just one to many for me. When I saw this scene I just had to take a photo.  I used my Blackberry.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/251 – Zip lock Bag for a fogged up lens

My Canon 7D in a ziplock bag
My Canon 7D in a zip lock bag

Cato Ridge-20121207pj251bw

As you know by now I went to Durban to capture my best friends wedding. I had the shock of my life when I wanted to take a photo and my camera lens fogged up within seconds. I was worried about the wedding photo’s and went online and started to Google fogged up camera lens. I came across a few forums that had the same advice. Put your camera in a Zip Lock bag and leave it outside so that the lens can adapt to the climate. I asked my friend to please take me to the nearest Spar so that I can go buy some Zip lock bags. Lucky for me they had 1 packet of  large bags that I can use. When I got back to my friends house I put my camera in the bag and later I tested it and the lens did not fog  up. From now on there will always be a Zip lock bag in my camera bag.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/250 – Flying to Durban



On Thursday 6 December I boarded on a flight to Durban. I wanted to take photo’s with my camera but the cabin crew told me I must pack away my camera. LOL that did not stop me from taking a photo. I used my Blackberry Bold to capture the clouds and wing of the plane. I know the quality is not that great but I had to capture my trip….

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/102

My photo of the day for 11 July 2012 was taken with my Blackberry at the Garden Center in Sandbaai . I used Photoshop to work on the contrast a bit.

We promised the kids that before our friend and her kids head home they could go and play for an hour or so. While we were sitting at the coffee shop I spotted the ornaments for your garden. I thought it would look quite nice if incorporated in a shoot.  My thoughts were not even cold when a mom asked her children to sit next to the ornaments. Hmmm so glad to see people out there that also think creatively.

Ornaments for your garden
Garden Ornaments in Black & White


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/88

Today we decided that we are going to spoil our Host and Hostess by making our special Chicken Lasagne for supper.

Here is the recipe for those who would also like to try it.

6 chicken breasts
500 ml fresh cream
432g(1tin) crushed pineapple
1 box bacon kips
one box of sheet Lasagne
Salt and pepper to taste
500g grated Cheese

For white sauce:
1,5litre fresh cream
250g flour
100g baking margarine/butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the chicken breasts and de bone it and make fine. Put back in pot and add the cream and crushed pineapple. Cook for a few minutes then add the fine bacon kips. Cook for a few minutes then take off the heat.

Make your white Sauce:

Melt the margarine add flour and then add cream. Stir the whole time to prevent lumps. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook till thick and creamy.

Take large big oven proof dish and start layering Chicken mix, Lasagne, white Sauce, Chicken,lasagne and so on. End off with white sauce and cheddar cheese. Bake in the oven for 40 to 45 minutes at 180 degrees.

Bon appetite…

Busy cooking the chicken, cream, pineapple and Bacon Kips mixture
Ready for the oven
After 45 minutes in the oven
Bon Appetite


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/75

Today I wanted to go outdoors and take some photo’s but for 5 days now I have this terrible headache and I just could not stand the bright light.

So I decided to show you where I spend more than 12 hours a day.  When I am not out capturing some lovely family, person or our Heavenly Fathers gift to us. I’ll either sit at my desk edit all those lovely photo’s or I’ll be busy on my Facebook page, website or answering my emails.

As you can see I have two external hard drives on my desk. I take all my photo’s in RAW and as soon as I did a photo shoot I backup to one of the  hard drives. Then after I edited all the photo’s the finished products get backed up on both hard drives.  I don’t dispose of the edited photo’s but after a year I do delete the RAW files…

My Blackberry or as I would like to call it my “White berry” is always and arms length or even sometimes next to the mouse.  Sometimes I get confused and move the cellphone around only to realize I don’t have the right tool in my hand to do the job.

Working on Facebook page…
Desk in Black & White.


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/38

This morning we left Darling around 7:45 on our way to Yzerfontein Farm stall for a lovely breakfast.

We went to Langebaan next for a lovely lunch at the yacht club then the riders rode to Saldanha were we where escorted to the police station with sirens and blue lights.

It gave me goose bumps and some of the riders told me it was like they got some energy from nowhere.

We then went on to Vredenburg and it was quite the opposite. There was no one to greet us and they only left a case of cool drink.

We then headed to Club Myconos were we are spending the night.

As I edit the photos within the following weeks I will tell you more about the ups and downs of the Cycle tour. I will also post allot of photo’s taken on the tour.

Bicycle resting Black & White

Bicycle resting Black & White

Bicycle resting

Bicycle resting

A view from a mirror

A view from a mirror

Testing Testing 123

This is just a practice run. Next week on the cycle tour I must blog from my Blackberry