SAPS Cycle Tour 2012: Opening Ceremony 7 May 2012

Three weeks ago this time we were busy packing and getting ready for the SAPS cycle tour in aid of the SAPS Educational fund…. Time surely don’t stand still and waits for nobody.

Let me rewind back in time for a little while and tell you more about the Opening ceremony held on 7 May 2012 at Cape Gate Shopping Center’s parking lot.

It was a very cold and cloudy morning. The riders were all pumped up for the tour to start, but like any big event it had to be started in the right way. There were some important people present to wish the men and women well on the tour.  They were  Major General Sharon Jephta, Brigadier Adonis, Brigadier Mamela, Brigadier van Niekerk, Lieutenant  Colonel Traut, Lieutenant Colonel Mngcokola, Colonel Joseph, Captain Petersen and Leon Brynard.

At the back: Lieutenant Colonel Traut.
In Front: Lieutenant Colonel Mngcokola, Colonel Joseph, Brigadier Adonis, Major General Sharon Jephta, Brigadier Mamela, Brigadier Van Niekerk and Leon Brynard

The proceedings started with our Master of Ceremony Boesman van Zyl he had everyone in stitches with his acting.  I  was quite skeptical about how the top people will react to him but must say what I observed was that  Major General Sharon Jephta and Brigadier van Niekerk really enjoyed his acting and that was a relieve. It took the others a while to warm up to him but in the end everybody was laughing and even joking with.

Master of Ceremonies: Boesman van Zyl

Captain Petersen read from the Bible and said a prayer. I must admit the prayer was very uplifting and it touched my heart. I believe that you do not start anything without asking our Heavenly Farther to bless it and if you go on a trip you ask Him to put His hand of  protection over each and everyone on that trip.  Captain Petersen did just that. He even asked that the family members staying home be blessed and kept safe till we return. Amen to that.

Captain Petersen

Our Master of Ceremonies then told another few jokes.

Telling another joke…
Enjoying the Master of Ceremonies jokes.
Laughing themselves teary eyed


After laughing themselves teary eyed  the Master of Ceremonies  gave the podium to Colonel Joseph. Colonel Joseph are the Station Commander at Brackenfell SAPS.  He thanked the men and ladies for their eagerness and  bigheartedness to cycle 496 km for the children of colleagues who lost their lives in the line of duty. Colonel Joseph also invited Major General Sharon Jephta to join the cyclist for the last 8 km of the tour.

Colonel Willie Joseph

Now I must brag, I know my husband won’t but I am very proud of him. For nearly two years now he was saying he wanted to do another cycle tour to raise funds for something but what?  In the past Brackenfell SAPS  had 4 cycle tours all in aid of a school or children in need of medical equipment. Then last year the SAPS started the Educational trust fund and he saw the opportunity.  They got the Blessings of all the necessary people and the planning began.

14 of the 16 cyclist

Okay back to the ceremony.  Colonel Josephs gave the podium to Major General Sharon Jephta. She also thanked the men and women in advanced for what they are doing and told them that she was proud to be associated with members who are willing to cycle 496 km and put their bodies at risk for their colleagues.  She also thanked the Master of Ceremonies for his entertainment and said that she enjoyed his acting. She then accepted the invitation to cycle the last 8 km with the cyclist and members of the public on Friday 11 May 2012.

Major General Sharon Jephta

Brigadier Mamela also said a few words and also thanked everyone for going this extra mile for their colleagues.

Brigadier Mamela

The photographers from the SAPS took a few photo’s of the group and then the cyclist was on their way to their first stop on the Vissershok road.


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/40

Here are my photo of the day for Thursday 10 May 2012. Due to lack of reception I could not post my photo’s.

Bicycles resting while riders have something to eat at Porterville.
Black and White Bicycles resting.

Cycling Photography: I’m getting there only 2 weeks more practice time.

Okay people so I am trying my hand at cycling photography.  I’ve looked at other photographers cycling photo’s, visited several how to get the best cycling photographs websites and in the end it came down to me, my camera and the cyclist…

On Saturday my youngest Lian and I took our camera’s and headed to the Bottelary Road for some cycling photography. This road is a very popular road and many cyclist make use of it to practice. I know a few years back I was one of those cyclist who were riding along that same stretch of road.

By now you know that I am going on a Cycle Tour in aid of the SAPS Educational Fund but I am not going to be one of the main riders, my job will be mainly to capture the moments of suffering, fun and scenery along the road and supporting the riders. I am going to pack in my cycling clothes just for the fun, hubby is taking with the tandem so I will do a few km for the cause. But more about the tour on a later stage let’s focus on my practice session on Saturday.

It was  very misty and I decided to shoot in Aperture Priority (AV on my dial). I set my ISO to 800, and my Aperture F5.6. I always shoot in RAW, Al Servo and continuous shooting 8 fps I don’t want to miss a nice shot…. On the screen the photo’s looked great and on my desktop it looked good, but because I am Coreen and always my worst critic I want it to look out of this world fantastic. There were some grain in the photo’s and next time I’ll try to bring down my ISO to 400 and if the light allows it even 100. Maybe try my hand at shooting in Manual mode.

Tomorrow morning I want to go down to the Bottelary road again and do some more practicing. I must keep in mind that they are on the road the whole day so as the day progress I will have to adjust my settings on my camera. So tomorrow I will be doing a long practice session. I wanted to go this morning but I have a patient this morning. Lian my “assistant”, photographer in the making what ever you want to call him is home and I don’t want to leave him alone.

I must say I got a few looks, waving and comments from the riders. Some just ignore you and then others slowed down and waved and asked for what magazine do you work. Ha ha only in my dreams will I be working for a magazine. They don’t employ self made photographers they want people with degrees or diploma’s All that I have to show is hours and hours of practicing and a hell of a lot of photo’s.

If any of you out there are into action photography and using a Canon 7D please leave some tips. Well here are a few collages of my first practice run.

SAPS Practicing for Cycle Tour