Loving my guardians bed rest….

Shadow is really taking advantage of the time I spend in bed.

Shadow keeping me company while I am reading.

I moved on to the couch but he is still sleeping.

Shadow still sleeping
Time to chance position

I am so grateful for all the joy my four legged children bring me.


Bed Rest!! Really??

Okay, yesterday I went to the doctor after 5 days of back pain.

After thoroughly examining me and nearly having a heart attack himself the doctor looked at me very worried.

He wanted to send me to hospital for observation because my bloodpresure is through the roof 206/100. Combined with the Kidney Infection I am a walking time bomb, he said.

With me being dads caretaker, chauffeur and personal assistant it is not possible to go to hospital. What happens if he needs me? I have my own household to run as well as my own business. Nope hospital is not an option.

He told me that in that case I must stay in bed for the rest of the week. I must rest and keep hydrated. I am only allowed to go to the bathroom.

I wonder who is going to feed my family and clean up if I stay in bed for 5 days?

He prescribed blood pressure medication and a very strong antibiotic. Wich by the way made me very nauseous. That is why I am writing this post at 2 in the morning. I am thirsty and hungry so I made myself a cup of ginger tea to help with the nausea. In a months time I must go back to see if the blood pressure is down.

I will go mad if I am confined to the bed for 5 days. The stress alone of not being able to edit will cause havoc with my bloodpresure.

By now you all now that I spend most of my day sitting still in front of my computer. Either editing, doing research, reading posts of my fellow bloggers, studying or posting or scheduling my own posts.  Doesn’t that count as rest? Only my brain, eyes and fingers are working. That’s not classified as physical work, or is it?

Well, I guess I don’t have a choice in the matter. All I can do is be grateful that I am still alive and look at the bright side of things. I can read my books and finish my series. Thank goodness for WordPress on my phone. I can still read my fellow bloggers posts. I can also catch up on all the comments on my posts.

Something to cheer me up.

Well I am off to bed. Just finished my tea.