Project 365 Photo a day: 365/50

Today Hubby returned from his Badminton Tournament in East Londen.  So glad he’s back I really missed him allot.

He did not come home empty handed.  He brought back one Bronze Medal which he earned in the singles development category  and two Gold medals one for mixed doubles and one for men’s doubles. I am so proud of Ronald and wish him all the luck for his future in Badminton.

He only started playing this year and just look at what he achieved.

Racket with medals
Close up Black & White
Gold Medal Men’s Doubles

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/33

Today was Ronald’s first Badminton league game. He only started Badminton a few months ago. The boys and I went with him for some support.

LOL I of course just could not leave my “boyfriend” at home he had to pickle along so that I can practice taking action photo’s without a flash on a high ISO.

I must say I had my laughs for the evening and especially when the ladies played. As I looked over the different  courts I just could not help to notice on the one side was all the younger players and on the other side all the Elderly players.  I just started laughing and Ronald just could not get it out of me every time that I want to tell him the younger players are getting  beaten by the Elderly players I just burst out laughing. I must say some of the Elderly players were in much better shape than the younger ones… Shocking I know.

I am also thinking of  playing badminton, but just to get fit.

Ronald playing Badminton
Elderly ladies giving the younger ones a beating…
Ronald Airborne…