One Lovely Blog Award – My First Blog Award Nomination!!!

Today 17 September 2012 Picture Perfect Memories for Life received a nomination for  One Lovely Blog Award from Rebecca aka Clanmother/ChasingArt. ChasingArt  is relatively new to the blog scene  she launched her blog 1 May 2012.  Rebecca aka ChasingArt I am honored and accept this nomination. 

I believe there are a three rules  in accepting the One Lovely Blog Award.

1) Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you.

Rebecca aka Clanmother/ChasingArt thank you very much for this nomination. WOW!!! I feel so honored. Words can not describe how happy I am  right now. I feel like jumping out of my own skin….

2) Describe 7 things about you.

  • I posted my first blog article on 14 May 2012 on WordPress. In the beginning blogging for me was just to share my photo’s with everyone but I did not really get noticed and I did not post everyday. I started posting on a daily basis from 1 April 2012 when I launched my Project 365 photo a day challenge. Since then I started getting very active. A week ago I decided to start participating in some of the challenges here on WordPress and I am loving every second of it.
  • I am a  mother of two very busy boys. Armand my oldest 12 and Lian 11. I love them both to bits and they support my photography career 105%.My husband Ronald is my pillar of strength. He supports me 200% and I could not ask for a better promoter than him.  He is always dishing out business cards and telling people about me. It’s tuff being the new kid on the block.
  • I was a full time Tax Practitioner  until November 2009 now I do Tax only part time. My husband bought me my first decent camera(Canon EOS 500D) beginning June 2009.  I did my first wedding from the sideline in October 2009 and my first official Wedding in December 2009.  With the help of my very dear friend Jackie During ( also started out as a bookkeeping client) my website Coreen Kuhn Photography was launched 24 January 2010. If it were not for Jackie I would never even considered changing my career. Thank you Jackie you are a friend in a million.
  • I love everything in life that is beautiful.  I have a soft spot for children, the elderly and the sick. I love helping others and will give my last meal to someone who really needs it. In short I am a softy.
  • I hate being alone for too long. I’ll rather surround me with the ones I love. Yes a break from everyone once in a while is great just me and my camera but I draw the line at two days.
  • My favorite quote is from Walt Disney. “If you can dream it, you can do it.” I believe in this with my whole heart because I AM LIVING MY DREAM!
  • My goal in life is to become a well known SELF TAUGHT PHOTOGRAPHER. I know I can do it and with my Heavenly Father, family, friends and my blogging community backing  and encouraging me all the time I cannot fail.

3)  Nominate 15 Bloggers.

Holy moly this is going to be difficult. I love so many blogs so many that inspires me to do even better…

In no particular order here are my nominations.

Chasing Butterflies: Sunshine and Freedom From the first time I discovered Giana’s blog I was hooked. The way she describes her surroundings and her adventures in Spain is just awesome…

Ramblings I only came across Mona’s blog a few days ago but I love it. We both share a love of photography and I just love the way she is experimenting with different types of settings. Great minds surely do think alike.

Hands on Bowie What can I say I am a cat lover and I love Mr Bowie’s blogs to bits. I can’t wait to see his daily blog it’s just to cute for words.

The Neophyte Photographer Well I am all for improving ones photography.  Carissa is just doing that. I started following her a week or so back and I love her work. Again we share a passion for photography.

Mybeautifulthings I just love her blog to bits. It’s inspiring….

Thirdeyemom Well what can I say about Nicole’s blog . I LOVE IT. She don’t only tell you about her trips but she also give you very interesting information. One just can’t help loving traveling with her… Oh and her photo’s are stunning…

Anotherdayinparadise2   I love this blog. The stories, photo’s and day trips are just awesome.

A Nature Mom Okay people this is a must follow blog for any mom. The tip’s she gives is fantastic and don’t forget the photo’s. I love it.

Shutterbug Sage  The first time I saw this blog I was hooked. It is very informative and the photo’s are stunning.

The Urge To Wander I only discovered this blog  a few days ago. Madhu’s blog is very informative and I love her photo’s.

Lucid Gypsy  Gilly’s blog is lovely. I love her posts and how she describes her photo’s

East of Malaga  Marianne’s blog is very informative and her photo’s are stunning. Pssst and she posted one divine Chocolate Peanut butter and oats cookie recipe….

A  Traveller’s Tale Okay I’ve been following Jessie’s blog a few months now and I must say learn something new every time.

Photo Nature Blog  I really love Jeffrey’s photo’s. He never disappoints and his photographs are superb.

Writing The Girl  I find Janice D’s blog very interesting. Love her photo’s and description of it.

Thank you again Rebecca for my nomination. 🙂

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/92

My Photo of the day for 1 July 2012 was taken on our way to Alpine Heath in the Drakensberg.

When we turned of to Alpine Heath, Siabonga stood along the road with little clay animals. They sell it for food. I bought myself a Rhino. More photo’s of our day on the road at a later stage.

Siabonga with his clay animals
Siabonga in Black & White