Tips for your New Born/Baby Photo Shoot


Normally New born shoots are held between 1-3 weeks and it is best when they weigh in at around 3 – 4 kg.

The reason is that babies between 1 and 3 weeks sleep more and it is easier to fit them into and onto props and assure that they don’t wiggle themselves off the prop.

Baby shoots are normally held from 4 weeks. From this age the little angels start moving around more.

Acne usually appears around 3 – 4 weeks and depending on the baby it can stay a while. Some babies are fortunate and they don’t get any acne.

If your baby do have acne don’t worry we can always touch it up if it shows.

Don’t worry that your little one will embarrass you on your photo shoot. 99% of babies have accidents in the studio, on the photographer and on family members. There are nothing that soap and water can not clean. So don’t feel embarrassed. All my props can be washed so if an accident happens don’t stress we will just change the props.

I have wipes, paper towels, tissues and bags on hand.

If you have another appointment after your shoot I’ll suggest you bring an clean change of clothes just in case of an accident.

The most important thing you must remember is to relax. If you are stressed baby feels it.

Dad I do have a DSTV so if you want to watch the game you are welcome to. The rest of us will go on without you while we can. If we do need you in the photo I will call you and turn on the volume so that you don’t miss a thing.

Please bring along time. A new born and baby shoot can go on for up to 3 hours. We will rest in between and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

Now allot of parents stress  when their toddler runs around in the studio.  Please relax and enjoy your shoot, If you come during the day for your shoot I’ll shoot with Natural light and my studio lights will be in a safe place. So there is nothing that they can break.

If your toddler is difficult and refuse to be in the shoot please do not bribe or yell at him or her.  It’s like throwing oil on a fire… Just ignore him or her they will join in the shoot when they see nobody is fussing over them.

Now you are wondering what can you bring along to your shoot.

1. Bring along extra blankets, try to stick to solid colours and the softer they all the better.

2. Bring along the little ones pacifier. Even if your little angel don’t really use it. Because of the different environment of the studio the little ones want to be soothed.

3. If you are nursing I would suggest nursing at the studio before the session. This usually calms and relax the little angel.

4. If you are bottle feeding, please bring an extra bottle.

5. Even if your little angel just had a feeding normally all the commotion makes them hungry and thirsty so don’t forget to bring along an extra bottle.

6. You are more than welcome to bring along some of the little angels nursery items we can incorporate them in your shoot.

7. You can also bring along one or two changes of clothes for the little angel. Something special that mom and daddy picked out.

8. If Big brother and Sister are coming with bring along something for them to keep them busy. Please do not pack in any sweets. This just give them more energy we want them calm and relax.

What do we wear ?

You can wear jeans, slacks or a dress as long as you are comfortable.

Please try to stay away from stripes and patterns that is distracting and takes the focus of the reason for the photo.

Try to wear solid colours not to bold remember we are photographing a baby. White, blue and black are the most popular colours to wear.

Mom and Dad  try to wear matching colours for the standard photo’s with the little one.

Big Brother and Sister can also wear matching colours to mom and dad.

You can bring an extra set of clothes for the members of the family so that we can have an different effect/look.

When we have the shoot you will be bare foot.

Please remove your watches before the photo shoot. It might just scratch our little angel and we don’t want to do that.


5 thoughts on “Tips for your New Born/Baby Photo Shoot

  1. I took pictures with my son when he was born. We did the photo shoot two days after he was born and it was really son. I was there for all my kids when it came time to take pictures. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


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