Tips for your Maternity Shoot

Congratulations are in order I believe when you are reading through this and are coming for an Maternity shoot. You have received the gift of carrying a little life inside you. Each pregnancy are special if it is your first or your fourth you will love and nurture that little one.

♥ Here are just some guidelines for your Photo Shoot ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ MOMMY TO BE ♥ ♥ ♥

The best time to come for a Maternity Shoot is between 12 and 37 weeks. By this time your belly are nice and round.

You might feel like a elephant but you really don’t look like one on the photo’s. My job and whole focus of your Maternity shoot is to make you look gorgeous.

Try to come for you shoot when you are still feeling comfortable.

If you would like to track the growth of your belly contact me as soon as you can. We take a few photo’s every month till baby is born. There are a maternity package that will cover your whole pregnancy.

For your photo shoot you must bring along clothing that will show off that belly of yours.

Tank tops with built in bra’s

Lingerie of any kind especially lacy or soft flowing fabrics.


Button down shirts – so that we can open it and expose the belly.

Jeans or pants that can go below the belly

Try to wear solid colours clothing with to much detail takes the focus off the belly.

Make sure your clothing is comfortable.

Because we are going to expose the belly please do not wear any elastic over your belly a few hours before your shoot. It makes impressions and does not look good.

Try to wear a strapless bra so when we wrap you in material you will have some support.

Jewellery is also a great accessory just make sure it is not to shiny. Please remove any watches a few hours before the shoot as well.

When photographing you I prefer that you are barefoot. At the end of the shoot if you want to take photo’s with shoes on we will do that.

Bring along any ultra sound photo’s, booties or a stuffed animal that you already bought the little one.

♥ ♥ ♥ DADDY TO BE ♥ ♥ ♥

You can wear a jean or slacks of any colour as long as you are comfortable.

Try to put on a solid colour shirt or t-shirt.

Please take off your watch it reflects and it can scratch mommy.

Daddy you are also going to be barefoot so keep that in mind.


Big Brother and Sister should try to blend in with mom and dad.

Children are also barefoot.

Please ensure that brother and sisters faces, hands and feet are clean.

If the brothers and sisters are still little make sure that the photo shoot is not during nap time. Kids tend to get grumpy and then mommy and daddy gets a bit nervous.

Bring a little picnic with for the little ones. They tend to get thirsty and hungry while busy with a photo shoot. Please just don’t give them sweets. A packet of chips or biscuits will do the trick.


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