The Location

    • Nothing beats a outdoor photo shoot. Natural light, blue or grey skies and lovely backdrops given to us by our Heavenly Father. I love taking photo’s outdoors especially when taking photo’s of our precious little ones they can play and be themselves without stressing out mom and dad that they will break something. 

    • Joostenberg Bistro on the R304 have a lovely garden and play area for children. This is ideal for family and children portraits. There are also a restaurant area with a breakfast to die for. On weekends they have a horse and cart and they charge R10 per person for a ride around the garden. This always makes a lovely photo.

    • Please feel free to let me know if you have a different location in mind, I’ll go and have a look at all the different photo possibilities. I you would like your photo shoot to be in a vineyard, old building or at the beach I will try my best to find a suitable location for your photo shoot. Please keep in mind that if any booking fee’s are required I will inform you immediately for this is an additional cost and is payable by you. I do however try my best to get an location that is for free.
    • I also do on site photo shoots in the comfort of your own home and garden. I will bring along a few props I will also like to come and see you a day or two before the photo shoot just to look at the different possibilities for your photo shoot. I don’t want to come unprepared.
    • I do have a home studio. It is nothing fancy but to date it produced lovely photo’s. 

    • All of the photo shoots from maternity to family shoots can either be outdoor,in my home studio or on location. The choice is yours. For an additional fee of R150 I will split your photo shoot in two if you would like to have some studio as well as outdoor photo’s.

    • In the winter it is difficult to book outdoor photo shoots to long before the time. I will make a booking for a studio as well as outdoor shoot. If you really would like an outdoor photo shoot I’ll look at the weather forecast and then we can decide if we are going on with the photo shoot or moving it indoors. I do not have a problem taking photo’s in the cold and if it is raining then we use an umbrella to cover the camera. I don’t have a problem in getting wet…

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