3 thoughts on “Otto Family

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  2. Love the shots and expressions, but not so keen on the white background. It’s a wee bit too clinical.

    The 15th image down, with the light from the side is fabulous. The 3rd last and 4th last images appeal more because it looks like you’ve got more depth or mid-tone range – of course, that’s just my preference, I’ve only photographed people about 4-5 times indoors so I don’t know a lot about lighting,

    Your baby shots in your other posts are fantastic though. I think you’re very talented with making baby images.


    • Thank you for your input Vicki, To be honest I am not a big fan of the white and black backdrops. I always used a golden brown but clients wanted White and Black so I listened. I love more earthy tones or the best backdrop of all times nature/Outdoors….

      My passion is baby photography and at this moment I am doing a course in Newborn photography and posing.


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