Tips for your Family Photo Shoot

The duration of a family shoot can vary from 45 minutes up to 3 hours. It all depends on the members of the family. I am usually not in a hurry and when I know I have to capture a family with little children I only book two sessions a day. One in the morning and one late afternoon.

You have the choice of a mini studio shoot in the comfort of your own home or a Outdoor/Location shoot.

Family shoots with toddlers are best held outside weather permitting that is . The main reason for this is they can run around and play. I’ll get them while they are playing.

If your toddler is difficult and refuse to be in the shoot please do not bribe or yell at him or her.  It’s like throwing oil on a fire… Just ignore him or her they will join in the shoot when they see nobody is fussing over them.

Mommy and Daddy while we are busy with the shoot and we are trying to get one members attention please try to look at the camera at all times. I will press my shutter button as soon as I have the members attention. Also when I do individual portraits of the little ones please come and stand as close to me as possible and do not call the little one I want him or her to respond to me and look at me. Would love to capture the connection with the lens. I will ask for your help when I need it.

The important thing with any photo shoot is. If you or any member of the family don’t feel well let me know and we make another appointment. I will not charge extra. I am talking out of experience and it is not a good experience when you are not feeling well and have to smile and make like everything is in order. Also when one is sick the camera picks it up.

The last thing to remember is to enjoy yourself don’t be nervous my camera will not break and I don’t bite.

What to bring along?

Please bring along 2 – 3 extra sets of clothing for your studio as well as outdoor shoot.

Also if you have young children bring along a toy that we can use in the shoot. Like a ball, car, teddy or even a doll. It is always good to have something they know nearby.

If you have props that you would like to use in the shoot please feel free to bring it along.

Some guidelines on clothing.


You can wear jeans, slacks or a dress as long as you are comfortable.

Remember if we do our shoot outdoors not to go all white you are going to have a few poses on the ground.

Please try to stay away from stripes and patterns that is distracting and takes the focus of your lovely family. Try to wear solid colours on top. White, Blue, Red and Black are the most popular colours to wear.

Matching colours always looks stunning for a family portrait.

Brother and Sister can also wear matching colours to mom and dad for example for your second set of clothes mom is wearing a pink top and dad a blue shirt, then one child can also wear a pink top and the other a blue top.

With our outdoor shoots depending on the weather you can do it barefoot or in comfortable shoes. If you would like to wear shoes try to stay away from heals.

When we have the shoot indoors you will be bare foot.

Please remove your watches before the photo shoot. It makes a flair on the photos in the sun or with the Studio lights and flash when we are shooting indoors.

For those of you that wear glasses please try to remember to take them off while I am capturing your family. Glasses tend to shine and then one cannot see your lovely eyes. If you prefer them on I do not have a problem with it.

Always keep in mind where you would like your photo shoot when choosing your outfits. When we are at the beach you may want to bring along a towel you will be getting wet that is a promise.

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