Brackenfell High School: Air rifle club

I went to visit the Brakkies Club one Tuesday to take some photo’s for their facebook page so that I can breath some life into it. Some of the photographs will also be displayed on the schools website.  Trudie Badenhorst their coach/instructor is a wonderful woman. She loves all her kids here at the club. She is very strict when it comes to training. You must have discipline to do this sport. It takes hours of practice and practice and practice. While I was observing Mrs Trudie teaching them I realized that allot of what they learn in their training I also do while taking photographs. With lots and lots of practice it will come to you naturally.

The club does not only consist of Brackenfell High School students. Pupils from other schools are also welcome to join the club. They also have a special spot for primary school pupils.

Here are some collages I made of the photo’s I took.

Getting ready for practiceBrakkies1

The new shots had their first competition on Saturday 14 March 2015. Here Mrs Trudie explain to them how it will work and what they can expect. For their first competition they only do the prone position.
Brakkies2 Practicing Prone positionBrakkies3 Brakkies4 The older shots practicing their kneel and standing positionsBrakkies5 Brakkies6 Brakkies7 The new shots also did some training in the kneeling position
Brakkies8 Here Mrs Trudie explains to the shots the importance of trial/test shots.Brakkies9 Brakkies10 Here Mrs Trudie demonstrates to the New shots the standing position. Standing is the most difficult position to master but with tons of practice and the use of Mrs Trudie’s advice you will be just fine…Brakkies11 Brakkies12 On a Tuesday Mrs Trudie has 3 classes. The second one is for primary school learners. Must say we have some great shots here.Brakkies13 Brakkies14 Brakkies15 Air Pistol Shooting also have a spot in the club.Brakkies16 Brakkies17 The Third group of the day is High school shots again.Brakkies18 Brakkies19 Brakkies20 Brakkies21 Brakkies22

Lian in action on the cricket field

Warming up

LK_2278 LK_2286

Tossing of the coin

LK_2280 LK_2282LK_2283 LK_2285


LK_2298 LK_2301 LK_2302 LK_2303 LK_2304 LK_2307 LK_2308 LK_2309


LK_2320 LK_2321 Lian’s face when he saw he bowled a wide…
LK_2346 LK_2348 Just look at this bowling action…. Who said white men can’t jump…..LK_2401 LK_2402 LK_2403 LK_2404 LK_2405 LK_2406 LK_2407 LK_2408 LK_2409 LK_2410 LK_2412 LK_2413 LK_2414 LK_2415 LK_2416 LK_2417 LK_2418 LK_2419


LK_2442 LK_2444

I started out using Manual mode and Auto Focus and ended up with Manual Mode and Manually focusing…. Much better….

Durbanville Children’s Home Golf Day

Every year Durbanville Children’s Home have a Golf Day to raise funds for the home. I had the privilege to be part of this eventful day and laughed alot. The players were great. Some was very serious and others well they were there to enjoy themselves.

24 25 (2) 31 (2) 26 34 36Bellv

A night at the Tygerberg Raceway

October 2013  we went to the Tygerberg Raceway to go and watch stock cars. What a miserable evening it was. It was cold, raining and mud everywhere.

I was very disappointed that evening. When I was young my parents took us to the stock cars  at Goodwood showgrounds on a regular basis. WOW what a spectacular show it was. Cars crashing into the walls and taking out one another. Pushing each other onto the grass in the middle of the track or crash them into the walls and keeping them there… Something I also remember from my childhood was when the spectators got the chance to race… That was the highlight of the evening. I think the next morning a few grown men cried when they saw their cars after the big event. Now the question I keep asking myself is. Why was it so much more eventful or fun when I was a child?

I was bored stiff the night we went to the Tygerberg Raceway. It was like the drivers was afraid to put the pedal to the metal… At one stage I thought okay maybe they are warming up but really that seemed to last the whole night.  It was just a bunch of swooped up cars going around and around a oval track making allot of noise. Well at least the noise was still the same as when I was a child… Here and there one would lose control and bump another car and  then they will stop against the wall or on the grass in the middle of the track. Then the safety car comes out and it all starts over again. I really think the only reason the drivers lost control over the cars and bump into the other cars was due to the rain, the wet conditions and slippery track. LOL now that I think of it there was more excitement in the warm up laps when one car had to be pulled out of a mud pool by a truck….

Now I ask myself would the race be any different in dry conditions? Will the drivers put up more of a show?  Must I rather convert to watching Grand Prix on the television…. Cars going round and round a track…

If I did not have my camera there I would have struggled to pass the time. At least I could practice a bit while the light was still good. Later I tried my hand in bad lights but all the shots came out very grainy and most of them blurred because I had to zoom to capture the cars…

I made up a few collages with the photo’s I took…

1 2 3 4 56 78 9 1011 12 13 1415 16 1718 19 2021 22 23


Thank you for stopping by my blog…

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/323 – OOPS he Missed

GD_2774pj323 GD_2775pj323 GD_2775pj323bwWhile I was busy editing some golf day photo’s on Sunday I came across this shot. I could not help myself had to start laughing. Hubby still tried to come up with an excuse for the poor man. Maybe he is left handed…. Then I showed him the sequence. After a while I told hubby that I better stop laughing I am only learning the game of golf now and in a few months from now it could be me….


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/321 – SAPS Golfday2



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/285 – Practicing my Batting

Lian_1911pj285 Lian_1911pj285bw

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/217 – All geared up



On Saturday Lian had another cricket match. Here he is keeping a eye on the fielders while waiting to bat.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/208 – Out for a duck

Today Armand had a cricket match and he was so excited about it.

Armand is not in the A, B or C team, he is in the D team. The boys of the D team are full of spirit and willing to better their game.

One boy came to me and said I am not a good batsmen or bowler I need to work on my batting. He went in on number 3 and was bowled after facing 3 balls. So I told him that everyone can’t be a batsmen or a bowler some are just fielders. We need good fielders too.  He smiled and took off his gear and said that I can do.

When Armand went on in spot number 6 he was supper excited and told me he want to stay in as long as he can.  And then the first ball he faced was from a spin bowler and it happened so fast. He was out for a duck. He could not believe it. He came to me and said ” Mom I am so disappointed in myself.”  My heart wanted to break for him. But I just told him it happens to the best of cricket players also. Next time he may hit the same spin bowler for a six…

One do not always realize that kids can also be disappointed in themselves and some parents would go of and tell their child how useless they are. I think this is why so many children out their trying to proof to their parents they are not a failure no matter what. I think it must be hard always seeking approval and just get blown off. I try my best to let my boys know I am proud of them even if they are out for a duck.


Out for a duck

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Well at long last I started editing the SAPS Cycle Tour of May again. I got so busy with my photo shoots and events that I had to push the cycle tour aside.  These photo’s was taken on day 3 of the cycle tour on route to Piketberg.

Riders in the front are Near those at the back are far.
Road is near and the horizon is far…
Taken from inside the bus. Window is near and horizon is far…