The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2019…Part 3

Here is the last photos of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2019….

I would like to thank the organizers and everybody that took part in this breathtaking event for making 2019 a year my dad and I will never forget.

That’s a wrap…. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

In my next post we will hit the road to our next destination Knockhill Farm in St Andrews sharing with you the places we stopped along the way.

Till next time, please keep safe.


“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2019…Part 2

Good day everyone,

I am not going to say much. The photos can do the talking…. Hope you enjoy The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo with us….

To be continued…….


“If you can dream it you can do it” Walt Disney

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2019…Part 1

Good day everyone,

At long last I can post about our night at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo…

Dad loves bagpipes since I can remember he played a 7 single with bagpipe music on it. He always said that before he closes his eyes permanently he want’s to go to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo…

Then in March 2018 he got very sick and was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. One day out of the blue he asked me if I could choose any place overseas to visit where would I like to go… “I have a list as long as the National road” I told him…

Then I remembered his words and said Scotland. Dad asked me to see when the Military Tattoo is his only demand for our holiday was that it includes the Military Tattoo…. After doing some research I contact Nordic Visitor for a quote and put the plans in motion. Sarah told me that I better book our tickets for tattoo early because it sells out very fast. 24 January 2019 I booked our tickets for The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August 2019.

Dad was super excited and I could see in the way he walked that he could not get there fast enough… I did take some random photos while walking…

The Magnum
Dad on his way to the Military Tattoo
The Portrait Gallery
Portrait Gallery
Tram tracks
Tram tracks
Louis Vuitton
Oor Wullie Statue
Scott Monument
Oor Wullie Statue
Waverley Station Train tracks
Giant Wheel
The Mound – Black Watch Memorial

Dad was so excited that not even the stairs was to much for him. The closer we got the less dad talked… He was getting a bit emotional…

The views behind the stands was so beautiful I could not just pass. So while dad was visiting the bathroom before heading to our seats I took the opportunity to capture it.

Thank you for joining us on our way to the Military tattoo. I won’t be saying much in my next post. Will mostly be photos of the Tattoo.

Stay safe till next time…


“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

Counting down the days…. Scotland are you ready?

Hi everyone,

Well now it is getting real…. Last week we got our visas, yesterday I finished our detailed itinerary and today it’s 26 days before we depart for Scotland.

You are going to think I am crazy, but I have packed my suitcase and weighed it. Unpacked it and put everything together. I have plenty of kilograms left for gifts and information leavelets….

I have made my checklists for what to buy for trip and what to pack. Tomorrow I am buying the last few things then I am ready to start packing and go and explore beautiful Scotland and the Outer Hebrides.

I worked on our detailed itinerary in the early mornings before I start working, during my lunch hour, at night after we had supper and over the weekends. Did research, draw up a list of places I would like to capture and visit. Over a period of nearly 6 month’s of adding and removing places. Changing our routes to cover as much as possible I am finally finished…

Now I am busy drafting my travel blog so that I can just add photos and some details of what happend on the day. Our days are going to be packed and I will only post late at night or very early the next morning. So to save time do drafts to make it a bit easier for me.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

50 Days!!!

Oh my word today only 50 days left before Dad and I fly to Scotland.

On Wednesday we applied and submitted al our documents for our UK visas. I am a bit nervous. I have heard stories of 3 different people that had applied and 3 months later still no passport at the Visa offices. The one lady had a flight for 13h00 and by 10h00 she still did not have her passport and visa….

On the notice boards and website it says 15 days…. I pray that ours will go smoothly….

I spend about 6 weeks researching all the places we would like to go and explore. Now I have a huge but exciting task ahead of me. Working out our route from town to town including all our stops and also allowing time for some extra stops not on our list. According to my research it only gets dark late at night that suits me perfectly. More time to capture the different sights. I hope to finish this over the next two weekends…

We are super excited about our holiday in Scotland. Can’t wait…

“If you can dream it you can do.” Walt Disney

Morgan’s Baptism

Little Princess Morgan was born on 11 August 2015. She was born on 27 weeks and only weight 700g. We had a private Baptism for her in January 2016. m1 m2 m3 m4 m5 m6m7 m8

Blood Moon – 28 September 2015

Red Moon

Leaving just after midnight on 1 July 2015

I cannot believe that more than a year ago my parents and I started planning our holiday….  Unfortunately my husband won’t be joining us on this adventure but I am feeling very blessed to have this opportunity to spend time with my parents and my two wonderful boys.

My aim on this holiday is to visit and photograph as many little towns as possible…. Dad made a 15 page tour description of all the little towns on our circle route. I will be trying to post from my phone if I have reception.

We leave Kraaifontein on 1 July 2015 and will be travelling about 960 km Kimberley. On 2 July we will visit Kimberley big hole and if we have time I want to visit a small town not far from here.

On 3 July we will be leaving for Bakubung in the Pilanesberg. This trip will be approx 740 km. We will be staying here for a few days. Visiting Sun City and a few towns surrounding  Pilanesberg.

We will be leaving very early on the 10th of July because we have to cover 1264 km to Aberdeen where

we will be staying the night. On this route there is allot of small towns and I will not be able to visit them all, so we will have to see what towns we will be stopping by. Affordable Accommodation was a problem and Aberdeen was the only place left who could accommodate us.

The 11th we will head back home via Route 62. We will be covering another 705 km on our last day.

The boys and I are ready and everything is packed. My camera and batteries was first on the list of things to pack. I am super excited and cannot wait. I am literally counting the hours. Tomorrow is going to be extra long…



Looking forward to sharing all the photo’s and stories with you. I am going to keep a log and will write in it every evening so that I don’t forget anything. My boys are growing up very fast and time spend with them and my parents are very special to me.

Sonskynfees 2015: Dirk van der Westhuizen


Dirk van der Westhuizen is a very talented singer/songwriter from Pretoria. He had everybody on their feet dancing during his performance. To be honest I was exhausted  just looking at him jumping up and down on stage…  Sooo much energy….

He wrote his first song at age 12. In 2012 Dirk shot to fame when he recorded his South African version of the Gangnam Style. He received millions of hits on You Tube.

Here some of the photo’s taken of her at the Sonskynfees.

SF_4819 SF_4821 SF_4822 SF_4826 SF_4829 SF_4833 SF_4834 SF_4836 SF_4837 SF_4838 SF_4839 SF_4841 SF_4842 SF_4844 SF_4849 SF_4850 SF_4854 SF_4858 SF_4859 SF_4861 SF_4863 SF_4865 SF_4866 SF_4868 SF_4870 SF_4871 SF_4872 SF_4875 SF_4881 SF_4882 SF_4887 SF_4888 SF_4891 SF_4892 SF_4893 SF_4904 SF_4908 SF_4910 SF_4912 SF_4915 SF_4919 SF_4922 SF_4924 SF_4928 SF_4931 SF_4933 SF_4934





Sonskynfees 2015: Wynand and Cheree Strydom

I met and photographed Wynand and Cheree for the first time in 2007 at the Varingfees with my little Pentax camera. Since then I have had the honor of capturing them on more than one occasion.  These two artists has got hearts of gold.

This duo couple have a very full live. They are blessed with two beautiful daughters and both have their separate singing/songwriting careers also.  Little Taylor-Hope joined her mommy on stage at the Sonskynfees. She stole many hearts with her performance.

For more information on Wynand and Cheree please visit their websites. Cheree , Wynand and lastly the duo’s Facebook Page Wynand and Cheree

Here are some of the photo’s taken of her at the Sonskynfees.

SF_5134 SF_5135 SF_5136 SF_5139 SF_5140 SF_5143 SF_5145 SF_5146 SF_5147 SF_5150 SF_5152 SF_5153 SF_5154 SF_5156 SF_5158 SF_5159 SF_5163 SF_5164 SF_5169 SF_5170 SF_5171 SF_5174 SF_5176 SF_5181 SF_5182 SF_5183 SF_5197 SF_5201 SF_5206 SF_5208 SF_5216 SF_5219 SF_5222 SF_5224 SF_5225 SF_5228 SF_5229 SF_5230 SF_5231 SF_5232 SF_5234 SF_5235 SF_5237 SF_5239 SF_5240 SF_5242 SF_5243 SF_5244 SF_5246 SF_5248 SF_5251 SF_5249 SF_5252 SF_5253 SF_5258 SF_5260 SF_5264 SF_5265