Ruan Turned 21

I had the pleasure to capture Ruan’s 21st.  Here are some of the photo’s of the fun filled evening…

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Aquinnah’s Frozen Birthday Party featuring on Website


Aquinnah’s 4th birthday party was held at Weltevreden Wine Estate. The theme of the party was Frozen. Little Aquinnah looked like a real princess in the dress her grandmother made for her. If you asked Aquinnah if she is a princess she would just roll her big brown eyes, put her arms in her side and say. ” Oh no! I am Queen Anna!” She was not really into taking photo’s and she would not pose with anyone so I had to run around and make good use of my zoom lens.Aquin1 Aquin2 Aquin17

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Maresa’s Halloween Party featuring on website.

Maresa turned 13 and her wish was to have a Halloween themed party. I must say they did a awesome job with the decor and the kids did go all out with their costumes.

I first met Maresa when she was still a little girl now just look at this lady.

For more photo’s on Maresa’s party please click here.
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Sunel turned 40 Featuring on Website


I met Sunel a few years back when my husband introduced us at the Varingfees.   When I got my camera in 2009 I was given the opportunity to take photo’s back stage at the Varingfees. If it were not for Sunel believing in me I would not have had the opportunity to capture allot of Artists and also be part of the team of the Varingfees and also the Sunshine Festival.

It was a great honor to capture her 40th birthday. Sunel has a heart of gold and she deserved to be treated like a queen.

The Decor was breathtaking the atmosphere were romantic and the food was outstanding. Sunel’s closets friends each gave her a broach and they pinned it on a material flower bouquet.  Something very special I think. After Sunel made her speech she sang a song for her husband and he stood up and went and sit on the floor in front of her with the kids and they listened to her. Afterwards she came and hug her family. It was such a special and tear jerking moment… Well this softy cried…

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Sam’s ABC 21st Featuring on Website

Samantha had her ABC 21st party on 22 February 2014.  By ABC she meant that all her guest must wear something recycled. They could later after the photo booth get dressed in their normal clothes. It was very funny and I must be honest the guests was very creative.

For more on Sam’s ABC party please visit my website.

SS_5276 SS_5250 SS_5380 SS_5357 SS_5288

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Sinead’s 21st Party

Sinead’s 21st party was held at Sinovuyo on the R304.  I’ve driven and cycled pass this venue hundreds of times but never even thought of dropping in. I will go and visit them in the near future and take some more photo’s of the venue.

Sinead’s party was very stylish and fit for a “Billionaire in the making” as she refers to herself.  I wish her all the best for her future and that all her dreams will come true.

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Thomas Turned 4

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TF_6810TF_6811 TF_6812 TF_6815 TF_6821 TF_6824TF_6826 TF_6828 TF_6829 TF_6830TF_6831 TF_6832 TF_6834 TF_6836 TF_6841TF_6844 TF_6858 TF_6865 TF_6874 TF_6877TF_6908 TF_6910 TF_6912 TF_6924 TF_6942 TF_6948 TF_6955

Little Master Thomas turned 4 end of August. His party was held at Bugz Playground situated at Cape Garden Center in Joostenbergvlakte. It was raining cats and dogs the day of his party so they had to stay indoors. Must say time surely flown by must be all the children running around. I could not keep track of who belongs at what party so I played it safe and followed little Thomas around. He had a ball. Next year he will be a big brother…

Lian Turned 12 on 8 August


The Cake:

Originally the cake had two cricket players on it…. I asked my parents to keep the cake at their house because I was afraid the the cat will attack the cake…. Haha how funny my mom’s dog Arnie decided that the cake need to be redecorated and stole the one cricket player off the cake. I could not help but laugh at the whole scenario…. There was a gap and I wanted it closed. I am not artistic enough and to make another cricket player but I had a brain  wave and took a Fizzer put it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it and then I rolled a piece. Every cricket player needs a towel right?

Lian12_4878Lian12_4879 Lian12_4880 Lian12_4882 Lian12_4883 Lian12_4884 Lian12_4885 Lian12_4886 Lian12_4888 Lian12_4890

Lian also had a sleepover party and here are some of the photo’s taken of Lian and his friends. They played with a BB Gun in the outside passage and it was covered in BB gun pellets and the other boys made p- shooters out of straws and they had a ball…. This mom don’t clean up after 12 year old boys anymore so they had to clean up before I made breakfast…. This was also a game to them and they cleaned like only 12 year old boys clean… After breakfast they decided to do some “gymnastics” and then they disappeared outside to go and play in the trees.

Lian12_4891 Lian12_4892 Lian12_4893 Lian12_4895 Lian12_4898 Lian12_4900 Lian12_4901 Lian12_4904 Lian12_4906 Lian12_4910 Lian12_4914 Lian12_4916 Lian12_4917 Lian12_4918 Lian12_4919 Lian12_4920 Lian12_4966 Lian12_4968 Lian12_4970 Lian12_4972 Lian12_4974 Lian12_4975 Lian12_4976 Lian12_4978 Lian12_4979 Lian12_4980 Lian12_4982


Armand’s 25 hour X-Box sleepover party

My oldest  son Armand turned 13 on the 18 April. He decided on a sleepover party. I agreed to it but I was not part of the design of the invitations.

About a week before the party my friend who’s boy was also invited told me that she takes her hat off for me I have allot of guts having 11 boys over from the Friday 16:00 till the Saturday 17:00. Say what???  I called Armand and asked him about the times and he said yes he decided he wants his friends with him the whole day….  Well how bad can it be they will play games eat and drink, eat and drink………. Oh yes and take over my studio….

I decided that I need to lay down some rules for the boys so when they were all present I told them that if they make a mess they will clean it up before they go home the next afternoon.  We only had one accident when a bottle of cool drink fell over and spilled on the one mattress. They asked for a mop and they cleaned up the mess. Then they continued to play games.

Needless to say the aim was to play X-Box for 98% of the time. The boys who had extra remotes brought it with and if you were looking for the majority of the boys  you’ll find them in front of the TV and X Box.

Armand’s brother Lian and two of their mutual friends spend most of their time in front of the computer playing games there.

For supper we made Stokbrood with Sausage in it. The boys really enjoyed this. Only after supper I gave them their goody bags filled with sweets for the two day’s.

At about 3 o’clock Saturday morning I told the boys that  they must settle down… It took them about 15 minutes to fall asleep games must be very hard work….

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Saturday morning at around 7 o’clock when I walked into the studio some of the boys were still sleeping and the others were at it again…

I made flapjacks for breakfast and could not fill up the bowl the boys ate and ate and ate and ate and ate….. At least I knew they had a good steady breakfast for their day of gaming… After all the tummies were filled up there were a few flapjacks left in the bowl.  Every time the boys came to throw in some cool drink they would take one. It did not take them long to polish the leftovers too. For lunch I made hotdogs and just before they left we cut the cake….

That evening around 8 o’clock a few mom’s send me messages firstly all the boys except mine was passed out by then and all of them enjoyed the 25 hour  sleepover party allot….

8 9

Now I have to prepare myself for next year. Lian is turning 13 and he wants the same 25 hour party……


Catching up on long overdue edit work: Thomas’s 3rd Birthday Party

This week I am catching up on some long overdue edit work.  I need to free up space on my computer hard drive.  On Today’s list was Little Thomas’s birthday party.

Thomas is my friends little boy and I was testing a new gadget I am using in my photo shoots. It took me nearly a year to finish his birthday photo’s. Maybe this is a good sign I always do my paying clients photo’s first so this means I was a very busy girl…

Here are a few collages of his Third Birthday Party….