All Events

I cover all types of events……

School sport

Year end functions

Birthday Parties



Special Fundraisers

Beauty Pageants

Team Building


How does  everything go down you might ask?

You choose the package that suites your requirements and complete a form with all the event details on it.

I will then contact you either via email and make a appointment so that we can discuss the function. Yes I know it sounds like a wedding, but birthday parties are also special occasions.

On the day of your event I will try to arrive before all the guests. Reason is I like to take my time when I capture the decor. I do try to document everything because with all the excitement you will not notice everything in detail and that is were I come in. This time is also on me. The meter only start running when your event is suppose to start. When it’s close to the time for me to go I will come to you and ask you if there are any more photo’s you would like before I am on my way…

Please allow 3 – 5 weeks for Post production.(It all depends on my workload.)

I’ll upload a few resized watermarked photo’s for you to view and share on your social media so long. As soon as I am finished I will let you know so that we can make an appointment for you to come and collect your CD/DVD.


Looking forward to capturing  your event.



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