Good morning from a freezing cold Shaginaw

Good morning friends, family and followers.

Brrrr… The cold weather is starting

Welcome to November and all the new adventures she has entailed for us.

Well, as you all know, October was supposed to be the month I was supposed to learn all about harvesting, but like I always say, the path of our lives is not always what we want it to be.

Instead of capturing Kansas landscapes, I am off exploring and adding more towns to my photography list.  Enjoying every minute traveling and seeing the beautiful landscapes.

Sometimes while on the road I wish I can stop and capture the beautiful scenes, but time is money and there is no time to waste. One too long stop can make a difference of being on time to load or unload before closing time. If you don’t make it on time you have to sit for up to  15 hours in a truck stop, along the road or on the premises if there is parking.

I have taken so many photos with my eyes that my brain can’t process them all. I hope that someday I can capture them with my camera. I do take pictures on the road with my cellphone and my camera, but as we all know, the quality is not as good as an adequately composed photo with a tripod and all the correct settings.

Waiting to load
Beautiful sunrise

While on the road, we talk a lot about plans for the future, and as exciting as it sounds, I know all too well that the Universe will dictate when and where. But I am optimistic that all our dreams will come true, and the ventures we want to undertake will need a substantial sum of Capital.

I am trying to save money for my Route 66 Road and Scotland trip. It is going very slow at the moment. I have to sell some photos to fund these two road trips.

Scotland will be very expensive, but I have been dreaming and thinking about it a lot lately. My heart is broken because I will not be sharing the experience with my Dad. I promised him that I would go, and I keep my promises.

Not to worry, I will make a plan, and as in the past, there will be a solution to my problem. All I have to do is look for the clues the universe leaves me.

That is all for now, friends. Have a wonderful day and keep safe.

Beautiful Autumn day on the road.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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PS.  I am saving up for upcoming Landscape Photography Trips to Scotland and Namibia and a few road trips in the USA, including Route 66 and The historic Apache Trail. Also on my list are National Parks and Botanical gardens in South Africa, the UK, and the USA. 

The most important photography trip for me is to return to Scotland. I am honoring my promise to my Father to return and capture the beautiful landscapes and the elusive Puffins.  Your help to make these trips a reality would be much appreciated in today’s economy.

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