Grand Tour of Scotland: Day 11: 22 August 2019 ~Exploring Isle of Skye, The Fairy Glen #08

The Fairy Glen ~ Uig

Skye has a long history involving the Fairies, most related to Dunvegan Castle and their ‘Fairy Flag.’ The Fairy Glen (much like the Fairy Pools in Glenbrittle) has no real legends or stories involving fairies that can be traced. The simple fact is that the location is unusual, so it has been given the nickname Fairy Glen.

One of the hills still has its basalt topping intact, which, from a distance, looks like a ruin and has been called (inexplicably) Castle Ewan. It is possible to climb to the top without much room, but it has wonderful views. On the low cliff behind Castle Ewan, there is a very small cave where it has been said pressing coins into cracks in the rock will bring Good Luck.

In recent years visitors have started to move the rocks to create spirals on the ground. We have been told that some bus tour guides have made up and encouraged some rituals involving walking the spirals and then leaving a coin or token in the center as an offering to the fairies for good luck.
The locals on Skye have repeatedly removed these stone spirals to keep the Glen in its natural state.

We hope that all visitors will respect the country code. To visit & enjoy, but not make adjustments and certainly not leave anything behind, even if you think it may give you good luck.

Parking is very limited in the Glen, and it is strongly recommended you park in Uig and walk into the Glen (30min).

The Fairy Glen, Uig, Isle of Skye, The Inner Hebrides, Scotland, United Kingdom

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