West Coast National Park – Cape Lappet Moths, Genus Bombycomorpha – 1

Bombycomorpha is a genus of moths in the family Lasiocampidae.


The caterpillars are brightly colored and conspicuously hairy, while the bulky adult moths are mostly brown and much less striking in appearance.

The larvae are distinctly hairy, with rows of orange tufts of long hair along the sides of the body. Arranged at the head are three large coppery tufts and two smaller purple tufts. Along the dorsal side of the caterpillars is a row of black triangles flanked on either side by white


There is little agreement regarding the extent of the Cape lappet moth’s range in southern Africa. At the same time, all sources agree that its primary geographical home is in South Africa; varied sources also state Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. Being able to feed on various plants, the caterpillars are common in domestic gardens and in more remote and wild areas.

Cape Lappet Moths, Genus Bombycomorpha, Seeberg Bird Hide, West Coast National Park, South Africa

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