Grand Tour of Scotland: Day 10: 21 August 2019 ~Exploring the Isle of Lewis and Harris #549

War Memorial on Main Road, Tabert

Situated by the Main Street, overlooking East Loch Tarbert. The memorial is a castle-like structure in a garden. Many WW1 names are inscribed on three plaques. Of the 112 names only 10 do not begin with the latter M. Four-sided turreted tower. Two-stepped base surmounted by granite pedestal and tower. Tower supporting castellated turret with flag pole. Panels with names for WW1 were set into all sides of tower. Bronze plaque with WW2 dedication set onto 6 o’clock face of pedestal. Additional bronze plaques with WW2 names in raised lettering on unknown face(s) of tower.

War Memorial, Main Road, Tabert, Isle of Harris

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