Good Morning from Rio Vista

Good morning everyone

It has been raining, and we had thunder ⚡ the whole night. We arrived in the pitch dark with heavy rain.

When we woke up this morning we had this beautiful view.

View this morning

I am genuinely grateful that I can travel through Texas and see all the beautiful landscapes and towns. I must admit that some of the towns do look like it is busy falling apart but for me, that just add more character to it.

My list of places and towns to visit is getting very long.

Wishing everyone a lovely day.


PS.  I am busy saving for a few upcoming Landscape Photography Trips to Namibia and a few local National Parks here in South Africa. The most important trip is honoring my promise to Dad to go back to Scotland and capture the beautiful landscapes and Puffins. Your help to make these trips a reality would be much appreciated in today’s economy.

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