Good Morning from Hereford

Good morning everybody

It is a beautiful crisp morning here in Hereford, TX. We are on the road again to our next destination.

Beautiful clouds this morning

Wishing everybody a blessed day.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning from Hereford

      1. That’s awesome.
        My home office is in Lubbock and I’ve been spending more time in TX the last couple of years… Maybe we’ll have a chance to meet someday and you can show me the best places to shoot in TX… I’m already building a list.

        One of my favorite shots from Texas is this one:

        (I know Lubbock/C-Cit is not necessarily close to Byers… but it’s a closer drive than South Africa).

  1. We had a few loads near and in Lubbock. My list is also getting longer and longer every day. When I am more familiar with the roads, I will be going on my trips during the weeks I am not working and traveling with Christo.

    I also saw those cotton gin sheds, or whatever they are called here. Still struggling with a few terms here.But I know with time I will be fluent in US English.