Bloganuary: 4 January 2023

What is a treasure that’s been lost?

Children can’t be children anymore.

Let me take you back to a school holiday day in the life of a teenager in the eighties.

We got up around 8:00 am, dressed, had breakfast at the table, and brushed our teeth. Then we would do our chores, and if mom was happy, we could visit our friends. But we had to be back before dinner at 6:00 pm or in the winter before it gets dark.

Our parents did not drive us to visit our friends. We got on our bicycles or walked to them. We were never thinking twice about the danger that may be lurking around the corner. We spend most of the day on the streets. We were going from one friend’s house to the next.

Our only rule was to be back before dinner or in the winter before it got dark. We had dinner at the table, and afterward, we helped mom to clean up.

At 10:00 pm, it was lights out. That was no problem because you had a hectic day on the streets.

The children today go to bed whenever they feel like it after gaming online the whole night. Maybe they will get up by 1:00 pm. Perhaps they will get dressed and brush their teeth. They eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in front of the computer or with their cell phones.

If they want to go to a friend’s house, you must drive them, because it is not safe to walk or ride a bicycle alone anymore.

Have a Blessed day.



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