Bloganuary: 3 January 2023

What is the earliest Memory you have?

Oh, my goodness, today you are making me dig deep.

My earliest childhood memories were when I discovered a key to our back door. Dad gave me a big bunch of keys; he was unaware there was a master key on it.

Every morning just after the sun rose, I would unlock the back door and go outside to play. My parents were perplexed because they would lock the door at night and put the key up high so I couldn’t get to it.

After a few weeks, they decided to spy on me. I would move the one stool closer to the door to reach the keyhole. I would look at my keys, choose the master key, and open the door.

That evening my parents confiscated my keys and removed the master key from the bunch. The following day I tried to open the back door and could not. My mom told me I was so angry I started crying.

Have a Blessed day.