Wishes do come true!

Good day friends,

I want to thank everyone for your support, prayers and encouragement over the past year.

I already told you that I have a very special person in my life. If somebody had told me a year ago that I would be with him today, I would have laughed in your face.

Both our lives changed unexpectedly over the last few months, and the universe thought it fit that after 33 years, we would be united again.

Our story began even before we were born. Our mothers were best friends for many years. Even though there was a considerable age difference between them, 20 years to be exact, they were the best of friends till the end.

I believe that today they are watching from Heaven with the biggest smiles on their faces. Their wish also came true…

I will tell our story as soon as I set up a new blog dedicated to our journey together.

In 14 days, I will be flying to Texas to visit him for two months. During this time I will explore and make notes of places I would like to see and get a feel for Texas. Who knows what the future holds for us?

Thank you for stopping by.

Big virtual πŸ€— hug


12 thoughts on “Wishes do come true!

  1. πŸ’œ Then, eventually, YOU!!! can Move to Scotland Together; don’t worry, He WILL!!! Get Used to The Cold Weather especially with The Mediterranean on YOUR!!! DoorStep and South Africa NOT!!! Too Far Away Either