Please pray for Willow

Good day friends,

Just wanted to let you know that Willow has been admitted to hospital this afternoon…..

This morning I woke up to Willow vomiting and it just got worse by the minute. When I went outside I saw that there was blood in her stool.

I phoned her Vet, but Dr Michelle had a emergency operation to do and could only see Willow tomorrow morning. They told me to give her some rice and chicken breast to settle her tummy.

Well the bleeding got worse and the vet next on my list could only help me after 5 pm. I could not wait that long and phoned TAH Durbanville. They had an opening I grabbed my phone, Willows book, the car keys and called Willow.

On our way to the Vet she vomited all over the back seat. I completely forgot to put the cover on.

We got to the Vet. Everything was ready for us and the dr waited for me. Willow did not even growl she just looked at him and moved closer to me.

I told the doctor about her behavior and that she attack men that get to close to me. The doctor said he could see she is very protective because when he moved closer to me to greet me she moved in between us.

He examined Willow and gave her an injection some antibiotics and probiotics. He said she had Gastro and infection in her colon that is what cause te bleeding.

He told me that the vomiting should stop immediately and the stool must be clean by tomorrow morning. She is also on a chicken and rice diet for a few days.

I went out to pay the bill and while paying Willow made a huge mess every where it was just blood. The receptionist called the doctor and he said if this goes on she must be admitted.

On our way home Willow vomited again. This time on the floor.

When we got home she did not want to get out of the car. I went inside so long to pick up the dogfood. Oprah was not happy with me at all.

Well I tried to make Willow eat, but she refused. She did drink water and lots of it. Then her tummy really started running and just before 2:00pm Armand woke me and told me there is blood in the passage. When he went outside I could see on his face something was wrong. Blood everywhere and Willow lying under the table. She was so weak she could not walk properly.

I phoned the Vet and they told me to bring her in immediately. Armand said he was going with. I could see he is also very worried.

Got to the Vet and he examined her again. He told me she must be taken to the hospital she needs drip and they will have to keep a close eye on her….

We completed all the paperwork and I had to pay 50% deposit before they would admit her. (I won’t be going on any road trips soon after this…)

We drove to the hospital and Willow was admitted. The nurse came out and said that we can go home. The doctor on call will call me if her condition got worse, but if I don’t hear from them she is stable and they will send me an update tomorrow morning.

Willow just before they admitted her.

Please pray for Willow. I love her so much and I can’t imagine my life without her. She is my baby and I am worried sick.

12 thoughts on “Please pray for Willow

  1. Father, thank you for your love for Coreen and her special baby, Willow. May she improve quickly. The love of God surround Coreen and cast out all anxiety and fear. Let Coreen and Willow know they are loved. In the name of Jesus, Amen