Introducing Oprah: 3 May 2022

🐾Good day to all my human friends🐾

I am very sorry that I did not post for a while. But with mom being out of commission and with a whole garden to keep me busy, I did not have any time for hijacking mom’s computer.

Oooh, I must tell you I am an aunt now, Lian my human brother adopted a puppy two weeks ago. Her name is Oprah and she is a very busy little pup.

Oprah, waiting to steal my toy.
Oprah can’t leave my tail alone… She keeps biting it…
Oprah checking to see what I am up too…
Oprah eating a dried leaf….
Oprah is very curious.
Oprah checking to see what she can do next.

Oprah steals my food and toys. So, I am forced to hide my favorite toys from her by digging holes in the garden. Mom gets so mad she says I am ruining her garden….

Mom and Lian, says I must help them potty train Oprah. I must take her outside when I go outside. But Oprah is very naughty, as soon as she sets foot in the house, she makes a puddle or a stinkbom….

Oprah is busy in the sunroom, terrorizing Ogies.

I must say life is very busy these days. All Oprah wants to do is play, eat and sleep. I hide on mom’s bed to get away from her. I used to go lie on the couch, but Oprah got a way up and now I have no peace and quiet on the couch.

I get very jealous when Oprah sits on mom’s lap. But I am a clever girl, I devise a plan so that Oprah gets down from mom’s lap then I climb on and give mom lots of kisses. Mom keeps telling me I am her girl and she loves me to the moon and back.

Mom said if I am good, we can go for walks again in the Spring. Then her leg will be healed… Till then I will have to play with Oprah, and go on the occasional drive with mom.

I do love Oprah and I try to protect her. Mom says I am a good girl and I would have made a good mommy.

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a fabulous day.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Oprah: 3 May 2022

  1. 💜 Thank YOU!!! for The UpDate Willow; continue to look after your Mom 👩 as She continues to recover and the rest of YOUR!!! Family 👪 Too