RIP my baby boy 25 February 2022


I am at a loss for words. God is really testing me this week.

Since Wednesday evening Shadow did not eat or drink anything. We thought maybe he caught a pigeon like he always do from time to time.

I knew something was wrong yesterday evening when I picked him up and he did not even purr. Normally as soon as I touch him he starts purring.

I looked all over for him this morning, but could not find him. Snuffels started barking and there Shadow was lying under the build in braai.

I decided to take him to the Vet immediately. He did a bloodtest and Shadow tested positive for the Leukemia and the Vet said that there is nothing he can do for Shadow.

My already shattered heart is in a trillion pieces now. I don’t think I will be able to take more heartache at this moment.

RIP my gorgeous boy. Thank you for all your love and kisses. You will live on in my heart forever.

My Gorgeous boy Shadow


8 thoughts on “RIP my baby boy 25 February 2022

  1. 💜 I AM sorry for your recent losses and I Can Empaphise, Relate and Sympathise SupaSoulSis; what My Traumatic Experiences Have Taught Me is Acceptance…as for “God testing” I Suggest The Book of Job and any Book that has The Final Words of Jesus on The Cross that include “Father why have you forsaken me?” and “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do…” before He Gave Up The Ghost; then The Resurrection, I AM NOT!!! a Christian but I Have Read The Bible in its various versions from cover-to-cover in order to appease family members who ARE Christians and what comes to My Mind right now is The Sin of Covetousness in The Ten Commandments Given to Moses…in short My Understanding is that if a Christian Attaches Their Joy to Earthly Things then They ARE Effectively saying That “God” (The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit) is just NOT!!! Enough to Satisfy Earthly NEEDS!!! for Joy; this is just My View, My Opinion from SomeOne who was Raised in Christian Family and Decided NOT!!! To Be a Christian…