Hello World: 1 February 2022

Good day friends,

I hope you all had a good night’s rest.

It is a beautiful morning in the garden. I did my morning routine in the garden, made sure all the plants are happy and the bird’s feeders and water bowls are filled.

Lovely morning in the garden.
My little corner in the garden.

Shadow decided to join me in the garden this morning. I am very happy he is gaining some confidence and walking around more. Over the past few weeks, he has been walking through the house at night. About a week ago he started wondering during the day as well. He visited me a few times in my office either through the window or the door. He jumped on the bed a few times, but as soon as Willow moves, he is out the door…. I am not forcing these two anymore they must get to know each other at their own pace.

Look who joined me in the garden this morning.
Looking at the garden with Mommy.
Willow catching some morning rays
Willow catching the morning rays….

Dad is doing great. He is walking with his crutch and sometimes even walk a few steps without it. I am still keeping a close eye on him. He walks better when I am not looking….

According to the weather forecast, we are having a very hot summers day. With a maximum temperature of 34°C and winds up to 21 km/h.

YR Weather App
YR Weather App
YR Weather App
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Clear Outside Weather App

My To Do List for today:

  • Edit
  • Schedule photo posts for February
  • Prepare dinner

Thank you for all your support and for taking the time to look at my posts. I am truly grateful for every view, like, and comment I receive.

Have a fantastic day.

🤗Big Virtual Hug 🤗


PS. Please support me on☕ Ko-Fi ☕ I am busy saving up for a Landscape Photography Trip to Namibia. The dream is to travel to Namibia and try to capture her inherent Beauty.

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