Write about something that makes you feel strong.

This is a difficult one.

When I look back into my life’s journey and see how much I have overcome it empowers me.

In October 2015 I lost my mother, found out my husband had an affair, had a child with her, filed for a divorce, and took care of everything and everyone who needed it. I handled my mother’s estate, arranged her funeral. Dad was not in a state to do anything. I cared for him, made sure he ate his food and drink his medication. Armand my oldest had Air Rifle practice 3 times a week about 40km away from home and Lian had his Cricket and Badminton practice on the days Armand was off. I had a business and two households to run and I did it. How? I have no idea because while I am typing this, I still can’t believe that I did not have a meltdown.

That makes me feel strong.

Thank you with all my heart for stopping by and having a look at my post.

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2 thoughts on “Write about something that makes you feel strong.

  1. šŸ’œ In a Word EveryOne, Me; given EveryThing I Have Been Forced to do I Should be sick or dead EveryBody yet here I AM Footloose and Fancy-Free