Write about a dream you remember.

As a child, I had this dream that at the time scared me. I had the same dream for a few years. The only thing that changed was the location.

I dreamed I was walking to school, the shop, in the backyard, and then all of a sudden, a leopard appeared in front of me. It scared me shitless (sorry it is the best way to describe how I was feeling) every time. Then I start running but I can’t get away from it. If I turn right and think I am in the clear the leopard appears in front of me again forcing me to change direction. This goes on the whole dream. I always ended up in my room and when I want to hide in my cupboard the leopard is already there. Then I woke up.

The leopard never harmed me and as I got older, I realized that the leopard must be a guardian angel who directed me in a different direction.

One day I was cleaning out my cupboard and, at the back of the shelf, there was a tapestry that my great grandmother made. My mom put it there for safekeeping. When I opened it, I nearly had a heart attack! The Leopard in my dream was on it. I have never seen that tapestry before and it looked like the leopard was smiling and looking at me.

Come to think of it. I wonder what happened to that tapestry?

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  1. 💜 Far too many to CHOOSE!!! from because I “Dream” Lucidly and Vividly these days EveryOne; but from My Most Recent “Dream” I Can Share seeing Three Blonde Girls on Their Lunch Break, working hard and a Zebra Crossing where The Pedestrians waited for The Vehicles to pass kinda like 3DLiving 3DLife in Reverse EveryBody


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