Interview a fictional character.

Me: Good morning.

Respect: Good Morning, Coreen.

Me: I wonder if you can tell me what happened to greet others, say please, and thank you?

Respect: Well, my dear. The answer is easy. People do not have respect for each other anymore. They assume that everybody owes them.

Me: But how did that happen?

Respect: You see in the old day’s children were taught to respect others and themselves by their parents. Children were disciplined when they disrespected others and had to apologize to them. Somewhere along the line parents got too busy and too tired to teach their children to respect others and themselves. The end result, children grew, up get married, and do not teach their children respect and therefore also no manners.

Me: I get so mad when people hurt nature. Oh, my word, and don’t get me started on children ripping leaves of flowers or branches off a young tree. Then I am not even talking about kicking and abusing animals.

Respect: It all boils down to parents being too lazy to teach their children to respect nature.

Me: It is so sad. No wonder the world is in the state it is in.

Respect: Very sad indeed my dear.

Me: Thank you for giving me some insight on this subject. I would love to pick your brain some more in the future. I still have millions of questions for you.

Respect: Thank you for having me, Coreen. I look forward to our next visit. Remember to respect yourself and others.

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