Your Photo Airs on 18th January

Yesterday I received an email from People’s Weather. One of my photos are being aired today on channel 180 People’s Weather Channel or on Channel 115 on OpenView Channel. It will be airing multiple times during the day. I am so Blessed…

Photo of Table Mountain on the Television. Aired on MyPhoto
Photo submitted: Table Mountain at sunset from Bloubergstrand

I am super proud of myself. I stepped out of my comfort zone and send in my photos to share it on another platform all together. If I am honest with myself every time, I post a photo on my blog or social media I am hesitant, I keep asking myself is it good enough. But I came to a conclusion it is good enough for me if someone can learn from my mistakes. That is the reason why I started putting down all the photo information.

When I look at my photos before and after I did my Photography Diploma, I impress even myself. My photos have improved a lot and you will notice immediately what is my latest work.

Thank you with all my heart for your continued support. Thank you for being patient with me. I have thousands of photos, that I still want to share with you.

If you like what you see please press the like button, share and leave a comment. I read all my comments, and try to answer them all.

Have a Blessed day


7 thoughts on “Your Photo Airs on 18th January

  1. Coreen–I, for one, appreciate the info you list on your photos. And I have questioned you, too, so that information definitely helps me get better, also. Thank you so much. And congratulations to you!!!

    1. Thank you, Lois. I am very happy to be of assistance. I had a student a few years back and she contacted me after I graduated and told me now, I can stop making excuses and start with one-to-one workshops. I am thinking about it, but first Dad must be stronger and able to look after himself for those 4-6 hours I am away on my one-to-one workshops.

      1. You have a lot going on, Coreen. But seeing your information is helpful to me. You would roll your eyes if you saw my attempts at Manual. It frustrates me, so I go back to Aperture mode, and then beat myself up for doing that….