What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?

Oh, my word I am passionate about a few causes. I try to contribute to each and everyone in my own way.

Nature Conservation: When I take photos in the field, I try my best to capture as many of the Fauna and Flora in that area. I try my best to stay on the footpaths, but sometimes one has to move off to get that flower in the field. When I do that, I try to step on rocks and bold spots on the ground. I take my trash with me if I eat something. I try to use glass to minimize my plastic use. I also re-use plastic containers a few times before disposing of them.

Wildlife conservation: I can’t stop poachers but my bank is donating money to different charities. I chose Wildlife Conservation as mine. We have to protect our wildlife for future generations.

Saving Water: We use our shower water to flush the toilets. I use the water that we use to rinse our glasses and cups to water the grass. We have water tanks to catch the rainwater and use it to water the garden. In the past I used to collect the washing machines water to water the garden, then my washing machine broke. We use dad’s one now and it is very far to carry all the water to wet the garden. But if I have to, I will do it. I did it in the past I can do it again. We have to save water wherever we can. Without it, we will not survive….

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