Good Day: 14 January 2022

Good day friends,

Hope everyone had a good night’s rest. If you are only going to bed now or a bit later, wishing you a peaceful night’s rest.

Well yesterday was my birthday, not a very exciting one though. Morné got me an L-Bracket for my camera and a Starbucks water bottle. Now I can tick of a two more things off my Hiking and Photography Gear List.

Starbucks Water bottle😍 and my L-Bracket for my camera 🥰

It is a beautiful warm morning outside with a slight breeze. Today is going to be another very hot day and I will be hiding indoors until it gets cooler outside.

Tonight we are going to braai outside.

Garden from my favorite spot in the garden

When we went to the nursery on Sunday, I saw something that gave me the inspiration to go and get out my old enamel serving bowls that I never use or have used. I got them from my aunt when they moved into the retirement home. The ones at the nursery are much fancier. I don’t think the birds care about fancy and neither do I. It must be practical and serve its purpose. I made my own version of a hanging water bowl, these days it is so hot outside and the water evaporates fast. Food they can get anywhere but not water. I hope my feathered friends enjoy their new water bowl. My next garden project is to make an extra feeder for them.

New Water bowl for my feathered friends.

According to the weather forecast, we are having a scorcher today. With a maximum temperature of 35°C and winds up to 17 km/h.

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Update on Dad

I visited Dad yesterday morning, he is looking great and full of jokes. They are still trying to figure out the best combination and dosage of his medicines. His feet keep swelling and they need to get that under control.

They took out the catheter yesterday while I was visiting, he made a joke and said he must just remember that they took it out. We still don’t have any idea of when Dad is coming home. Maybe they can tell me today when I visit.

I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes for Dad. We really appreciate it. He is on the mend and it is due to all the healing vibes everyone sends him.

On my To Do List for today

  • Visit Dad
  • Write Bloganuary post
  • Edit
  • Schedule posts for next week.
  • Gaelic Lesson

Thank you for all your support and for taking the time to look at my posts. I am truly grateful for every view, like, and comment I receive.

Have a fantastic day.

🤗Big Virtual Hug 🤗


PS. Please support me on☕ Ko-Fi ☕ I am busy saving up for a Landscape Photography Trip to Namibia. The dream is to travel to Namibia and try to capture as much as I can fit into 18 days.

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