My day off

Yesterday, I decided to take the day off.

We went to the nursery for potting soil. It was time to transplant some of my plants into bigger containers.

While walking through the nursery, Morné spotted Habanero Plants. After searching for Habanero Plants for a while, I told him to choose two of the best-looking plants on the shelf.

Two new Habanero Plants have joined the Korean Mint, Malva, Strawberries and Swiss Chard.

On our way to the cashiers, I spotted the nectar feeders for Sugarbirds.
Every time we go to the nursery, I stop at it, and then Morné tells me he will make me one.

My Sugarbird Nectar Feeder…. Thank You Morné

When we got home, I started with the pot plants, and Morné took down a fence and transplanted some of the Spekboom to other locations in the garden.

Garden looks bigger now that the fence is gone and Spekboom trimmed.

I have two big Peace Lily plants in the house, but they never flower. Dad’s one outside flower all the time. So I moved one of mine outside. Fingers crossed that it will grow.

Peace Lilies new home….

Oooh, before I forget Morné also finished my workstation.

Marble for my working area. Fancy…. Well, for me anyway.

After we have finished, we took a shower and spend the rest of the day on the couch watching movies.

Thank you with all my heart for stopping by and having a look at my post.

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Have a Blessed day