What Makes You Laugh?

What makes me laugh? Where do I begin? I love laughing. Some days it does not take much to get me started and then I can’t stop. Other days I am slow but when I realized that it was funny I will start laughing.

I laugh at Willow when she does something weird. I laugh at Spyker, my parrot when he starts talking and making up sentences or saying something fitting when you talk to him.

I laugh at silly TV programs, TikToks, and videos.

I laugh at funny jokes, and sometimes if something is really funny I can laugh about it for hours.

I laugh when little children say something cute or do something silly. Children are one’s biggest source of laughter I think.

I laugh when someone falls or walks into the sliding door… It is human nature but it does not mean that I don’t care or like it.

When I do, say, or think something really stupid, I laugh at myself. Sometimes the people around me think I am mad, but I can’t tell them what went through my mind… It is an inside joke meant just for me.

They say Laughter is the best medicine. So I think today I am going to watch some funny shows and laugh myself healthy again.

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