What was your favorite toy as a child?

Well, all my toys were a favorite at one stage of my life.

When I was small my favorite toy must have been the sandbox my dad build me when we moved into our house. As soon as the sun came up I let myself outside with my secret key and go play in my sandbox. That was until my parents got hold of my secret key…..

I had lots of special toys growing up and when I moved out of my parents house I only took two toys that have very special meaning to me.

My Bride doll and my Orange Car.

My grandfather gave me that Orange Car and nobody but me was allowed to play with it. Now it has a special place in my show cabinet and is still off-limits to anyone. It does make an appearance now and then when I do a themed photoshoot.

My Bride Doll. I saw her for the first time in a toy store window in Cape Town one school holiday. I fell in love with her, but she was very expensive and my mom said that there is no way that they can afford it.
My dad passed the store on his way to the station one evening after work and saw that the doll was on sale. The next day he went back to the store and bought it as a Christmas present for me.

My parents always tried to award us with something when we passed our grades with good marks. Well despite what the teachers and school psychologist said, I passed grade one with flying colors. (According to them I was too young for grade one and that along the way I will fail a grade or two… Well they were all wrong, I never failed a grade or had a bad report in my entire school career.)

The day I got my grade one report Dad and Mom looked at it and smiled from ear to ear. They told me to wait and they came back with a big box wrapped in Christmas Paper…. They told me to open it and there she was my Bride doll! I was so happy I screamed, I think they could hear me all the way to Cape Town.
Before I played with her I washed my hands, she never saw the ground I always played on a blanket or on my bed with her, and after I was finished playing with her I put her in my wardrobe, she was my most precious possession.

To be honest she is still my favorite toy….
My favorite Doll and Orange Car

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