Write About The Last Time You Left Your Comfort Zone.

When I graduated and received my Photography Diploma I made a huge decision to change my photography genre.

I switched from being a Portrait Photographer to a Landscape and Nature photographer. This in itself was a huge step out of my comfort zone. I am not big on change. Change scare me, what if I fail, what if my photos are not good enough. What if I never sell a photo, a calendar or a photography book I can go on and on.

I love nature and my passion was never really photographing people. I tried to convince myself it was but when a client phoned to cancel a shoot I was relieved, not disappointed. While doing my photography diploma and the more I spend time photographing nature and landscapes I realized that I was much more at ease and also more creative. My lecturer commented that my nature and landscape photos are outstanding and that he think I am focusing on the wrong Genre….

When I look at other Landscape and Nature photographers websites and the books they publish they always have the most interesting stories about how it happened that they took the photo and why they chose it for their book or calendar.

As a new Landscape and Nature Photographer I also need to start using words to describe my photos. The problem is I am not big on words, I always thought that my photos do the talking…

This is why I joined Bloganuary 2022. I need to get comfortable writing and posting stories about my photos.

So in short, since I changed my Photography Genre everything I do to promote my work is pushing me outside my Comfort Zone…

Thank you with all my heart for stopping by and having a look at my post.

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