What is a road trip you would love to take?

Today’s topic for Bloganuary 2022 is both an easy and difficult one to write about.

I got my love to travel from my parents, while growing up I can remember that we would go on a long road trip every second year during December or June Holidays. We lived in hotels, guest houses, at family and friends during our holidays.

I planned my first road trip with my boys and parents in 2010 during the World Cup Soccer Tournament. We traveled for 5 weeks and we had the time of our lives. Since then 99% of my road trips was shared with my parents and my children. My boys also love to travel and I am very happy to have given them the opportunity to also see part of our beautiful country. There are still a lot of places I have not visited and they are all on my Travel bucket list.

My Map of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana
Road trips taken over the past few years.

It was my Mothers biggest wish to go to Namibia. On returning from our holiday at Pilanesberg National Park when Mom said that our next trip must be to Namibia. When we arrived home we started looking at places to stay and visit for our 2017 holiday in Namibia.

In October 2015 Mom passed away unexpectedly and we never spoke about Namibia again. I deleted all my planning because it was too painful to be reminded of her dream.

In 2019 Dad and I went to Scotland and made both our dreams come true. After returning home I started thinking of Namibia again. I began to watch programs on Namibia and then I got that urge to go in honor of Mom.

I have been looking at different places I want to visit and I will need at least 18 Days in Namibia to cover them all. If it is possible I would love to stay longer and explore more. This road trip will be the most expensive one I will undertake here. I will need at least R 67 000.00 for fuel, lodging, entry fees and food. I have started an Ko-fi account to help finance this dream.

Map Of Namibia

What is a road trip you would love to take? Namibia from top to bottom and from left to right….

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