What Advice Would You Give Your Teenage Self?

While growing up I had a solid relationship with both my parents. If I had a problem I could go to them and talked to them without the fear of being judged. We did not have lots of money and if we wanted something we had to work for it.

One thing I struggled with up to a few years ago was that I am good enough and that I will never make anything of my life.

As a teenager my parents always told me how proud they are of me, proud of my grades, proud of my commitment to succeed in Ballet, even though my body was not the right fit for a Ballerina, it did not stop me from going to Ballet Classes 5 times a week.

Still even with all my hard work and commitment I never thought that I was good enough. I had no self esteem and the older I got the more I believed myself. I stopped trying new things and kept to myself.

One day I met a lady who told me that I must know my worth and that I am worthy of everything that I want in life. I must stop thinking I am not good enough. Since that day I started changing my mindset and my life got so much easier.

The Advice I have for my Teenage Self is:

  • Always believe in yourself!
  • You are good enough!
  • Don’t take life so serious, enjoy time with your friends!
  • Believe your parents when they say they are proud of you!

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