Update on Dad

I visited Dad as soon as visiting hours started. Coughing and sitting every few meters but I made it to him.

He was sleeping when I arrived at his bedside. He did try to open his eyes but I could see he did not have the strength. His nurse is very hopeful and told me not to worry, before I know it he would be well again. He is very strong, it is just that the coughing episodes really tires him and it takes a while before he has any strength.

I know all about the coughing and how tired I am after I had a episode….

The nurse gave me an update and said that all Dad’s tests comes back and everything is improving nicely. His immune system got a knock and because Dad has Myasthenia Gravis he has trouble fighting the infection and healing on his own. He will need lots of rest and when he is up to it we will start building up his immune system again.

Dad got through this once and with the help and prayers of friends and family he can do it again.

I will be visiting him again tomorrow even if it is just for 10 minutes.

Thank you for all the well wishes for dad and myself.



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