Gratitude. Love. Positivity: 6 December 2021

28 Weeks of practicing Gratitude….

Week 13: Make all your wishes come true.

“Hundreds of native cultures through the centuries have traditionally given thanks for what they want before they receive it, creating elaborate ceremonies to put as much energy as they could into giving thanks. The Egyptians have celebrated the flooding of the Nile River since ancient times to ensure the continual flow of water in the river, American Indians and Australian Aborigines performs rain dances, various African tribes perform ceremonies for their food before they hunt for it, and the very nature of prayer in every culture and religion is giving thanks before having received what is desired.

The law of attraction says that like attracts like, which means you must form in your mind a likeness, or an image, of what you want. Then, to attract your desire to you, you have to feel as though it’s yours, so that how you feel is also like how you would feel when you had what you wanted. The easiest way to do that is to be grateful for what you want – before you’ve received it. If it never occurred to you before to use gratitude to receive what you want, you have now discovered another of its magical powers. The very words in the Holy Scriptures promise exactly that.:

“Whoever has gratitude will be given more, and he or she will have an abundance.”

Gratitude is something you must have before you can receive, not something that you simply do after something good has happened.”

Rhonda Byrne, The Magic

Gratitude is something you must have before you can receive. Most of us are only grateful after we received something. 

All of us have made lists of things we want, places we want to visit, and goals for our future. If you have not made your list sit down and make it. Break it up into different categories if you like to be specific like me. Health and Body, Career and Work, Money, Relationships, Your Personel desires, and Material things. Then start adding to each category. 

My Wishlist is spread over a few pages in my Gratitude Journal, I have even left a few pages open for future whishes.

This week’s activity is all about making your wishes come true. 

Step 1: Create a separate list with your top ten wishes or desires as if you have already received them. Write it down in the following way.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for __________, and fill in the desire in the blank space as if you have already received it.

Always say Thank you three times. It is a magical formula because it is the mathematical number of all new creations in the Universe. 

Step 2: Later during the day, take your list and, by using your imagination mentally answer the following questions as though you’ve received your desire/wish.

  1. What emotions did you feel when you received your desire/wish?
  2. Who was the first person you told when you received your desire/wish, and how did you tell them?
  3. What is the first thing you did when you received your desire/wish? Include as much detail as you can in your mind.

Step 3: The final step for the activity. Reread each desire/wish, and really emphasize the magic words, thank you, so that you feel as much as you can.

Do this for all the desires/wishes on your list. Spend at least 1 minute on each desire/wish.

Daily gratitude routine.

  1. When you wake up to a new day, before doing a single thing say, Thank You.
  2. Say, Thank you for the magical day I am going to have.
  3. From the moment you put your feet on the ground until you finished your morning routine, say the magic words, Thank You, in your mind for everything you touch and use.
  4. Go through my plans for the day in my mind and say, Thank you in advance for it going smoothly.
  5. Say, Thank you for the great news coming to me today!
  6. Count your blessings: Make a list of 10 blessings. Write why you’re grateful for each blessing. Reread your list and say “Thank you, thank you, thank you” Feeling gratitude for each blessing.
  7. Identify 2 relationships and write 5 things you are grateful for in the person. It can be a family member, a friend, a colleague even a pet. During the day say “Thank you, name.”
  8. Say thank your for your different body parts, organs and your senses. Be grateful for each of them.
  9. Four times a day read the words on the card slowly and be grateful for your health. (THE GIFT OF HEALTH IS KEEPING ME ALIVE.)
  10. Four times or more a day look at your Magic Bill and be grateful for the abundance of money you have been given in your life. (THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MONEY I’VE BEEN GIVEN THROUGHOUT MY LIFE.)
  11. While at work, look for things to be grateful for. Say to yourself. ‘I am so grateful for ……….’
  12. Try to go through the day without saying or thinking anything negative. If you think negative thoughts stop immediately and say but I am really grateful for…..
  13. Say, Thank you and be grateful every time you eat of drink something.
  14. When someone perform a service that benefits you, look them in the face and say, Thank you.
  15. For 90 seconds, say Thank you every time you take a step.
  16. Practice my heart magic.
  17. Take 5 deep breaths during the day and say, Thank you for the magical air that I breathe.
  18. Before going to bed, take your magic rock/gratitude rock in your hand and think about all the things to be grateful for that happened the day and say, Thank you.

Thank you with all my heart for stopping by. Thank you for your continued support. I am truly grateful for every view, like, follow and comment.

Stay safe and grateful.

Have a Blessed day.