Good Morning: 14 November 2021

Good morning friends,

We had a very early morning. The Alarm went of at 4:10am. We left home at 4:50am.

You may wonder why? This morning was my first of 4 visits to Blaauwberg for my coastal photography for my assignment, and also for the Sony World Photography competition. This morning it was low tide at sunrise. Next is high tide at sunrise and then the same for sunset.

I already had an idea where I wanted to take the photo. Now I have to decide what time. Here is some photos I took from the spot.

After I took my photos for my recce visit we took Willow for a walk or must I say run on the beach. She enjoyed it a lot, but she can tell you herself tomorrow.

We got home at 7:50am.

Since then I have had coffee, fed the 4 legged children and winged friends in the garden. We washed the vehicles and now we are watching Christmas movies.

It is going to be a hot Spring day.

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Clear Outside Weather App
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That’s it for now friends, I am taking it easy for the rest of the day.

Have a fabulous day.


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