Willow Shenanigans: 10 November 2021

🐾Good morning everybody,

What a morning. I was standing guard while Mom is giving Granddad his morning food. That’s when I saw something flying into the driveway. I told the thing to go away but it just moved closer to the gate.

After Mom finished in Granddad’s flat she came out and asked me what’s wrong. I then showed her the flying creature in the driveway.

What did Mom do? The most irresponsible thing you can think of!!! She opened the gate and invited the flying creature into our backyard. She clearly did not understand that it could be aliens trying to hurt us all.

I told it to leave us alone, and go away. Mom thought it was very funny and laughed the whole time. Even Snuffels smelled the flying creature’s butt and just walked away.

I could not understand how they can be so calm about something that moves around without legs and it can fly too. What kind of creature is this??????? And then it had the audacity to drink my water without asking!

Mom told me it is alright that it will not harm us. She invited it inside and now it is hiding under Moms bed.

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a fabulous day.


8 thoughts on “Willow Shenanigans: 10 November 2021

    1. It was so funny, she came and fetch me in my office when the wind blew the balloons from under the bed. I was afraid she was going to bite it and hurt herself so I threw them outside again. At lunchtime, only the white one was still intact and Willow ran around it like a mad dog. Barking and talking. It was really very funny. When it popped I threw it in the bin. Willow was not very happy with me.