Grand Tour Of Scotland: Scrabster to Stromness ~ Part 1

Day 6: 16 August 2019 ~ On the Ferry from Scrabster to Stromness – Part 1

When we left Scrabster it was raining and the winds was very strong. The next few photos I took while sitting inside and drinking some hot coffee.

Scrabster from the ferry
Scrabster from the ferry
From the ferry of Scrabster
Views of a island from the ferry on route to Stromness.
The morning was tooo long for dad.
Holborn Head and Lighthouse, Scrabster, Scotland
Holborn Head and Lighthouse, Scrabster, Scotland
Miles and miles of ocean, Scrabster to Stromness, Scotland
Outside Deck on Ferry from Scrabster to Stromness, Scotland

We had a break in the weather and it stopped raining for a while. I decided to go outside and take some photos from the deck. But oh my word the wind nearly blew me over. I got myself a spot in a corner to help me keep steady while trying to capture the scenes from the ferry. Forgive me I do not know all the Islands we passed.

Island on route to Stromness from Scrabster.

I was obsessed with the different colors in the cliffs of the islands. It is absolutely breathtaking.

Thank you very much for taking the time to join me on my travels through Scotland. I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Till next time, safe travels and keep dreaming.

Have a fabulous day.


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