Just a Random Photo: 9 September 2021

Good day,

My random photo for today.

I captured this photo at: Alpaca Loom, Paarl, South Africa on 2019-12-22

Camel ,Alpaca Loom, Paarl, South Africa( 2019-12-22)

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6 thoughts on “Just a Random Photo: 9 September 2021

  1. You know when we lived in Zimbabwe, I took part in a big passion play production. Two camels were needed (or rather: wished for by the director). There were no camels in Zimbabwe, that was in 1996. So 2 camels were invited from Bloemfontein. We were promised exotically named camels, Shangaan and Tobogani or something similar. We got Stoffel and Stella. But they did their job and gave the passion play a suitably Middle Eastern setting.

  2. In my wayward past, somewhere in the bush, I had needed to point percy at the veld and after a while became aware of someone watching me. I looked up; lo and behold there was a camel! I knew I wasn’t in Egypt so thought I was hallucinating. I hastened back to the Jeep. “Hey guys, I gotta slow down on the drinking, I just seen a camel.” Bulldust,” one replied. “You not in the desert Boet, you seeing things.” retorted another. “Okay bigmouths, follow me,” I demanded. We all stumbled into the bush only to find…there was no camel. A load roar of laughter and much guffawing ensued at my expense. To this day I swear I saw a camel…