Morning Greetings: 30 August 2021

Good morning friends,

How are you doing this morning?

Today I got up around 6:25am. I have a busy day ahead as you will see on the length of my To-Do-List for today, some of it may be carried over to tomorrows list.

Yesterday we took Willow for a walk at Sonstraaldam. Willow was so excited and it took me a while to get her under control again. Shame, I can’t blame her due to the weather and all the work I had we only played a bit indoors everyday. I hope that we have a beautiful sunny morning in the week so that I can take her for a walk again.

In two days time it is Spring… I am so excited. Tomorrow my new lens and filters are due for delivery. Just in time to take my first Spring photo on Wednesday.

My whole body is still sore of Saturdays pageant photography. Especially my legs. Yesterdays walk did not help at all.

Today I am so grateful that I am healthy and that I can walk, carry things, see the my surroundings, hear the birds chirp and the rain falling, smell the coffee in my cup, taste my food, and that I have a career that I love. I am also very grateful for all of the support I get from my online family. Over the past week my views on my site climbed to over 1000 on a daily basis. I am very grateful for that. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

According to the weather forecast we are having a freezing cold and wet Winters day. A maximum temperature of 14°C is predicted and rain throughout the day.

On my To-Do List for today:

  • Do Laundry
  • Charge camera batteries
  • Send reminders for payments still outstanding for pageant
  • Sort and pick photos of pageant for editing.
  • Edit Grand Tour of Scotland
  • Edit one photo of each contestant that paid their fee.
  • Schedule some posts for the rest of the week.
  • Prepare dinner
  • Gaelic lesson

With all my heart, thank you for your ongoing support and taking the time to read my post. I am truly grateful for every view, like, follow, and comment I receive.

May you have a day filled with laughter and love.

🤗Big Virtual Hug


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