Willow Shenanigans: 27 August 2021

Willow love her stuffed animals. Well they were stuffed at the time the photos was taken. I had to take out the stuffing so that she don’t eat it. I don’t want her to get sick.

She really likes her unstuffed giraffe. When she gets excited she will go look for it and start throwing it in the air. She also use it as payment for treats…. When I am busy working and she want treats she will throw the giraffe on my lap or put it on my desk and then she will look in the direction of the treats.

This is how her stuff toys look like now.

Her first stuff toy still has his filling
Her second stuff toy she chose this one herself has a arm, two eyes and stuffing that is missing. I tried to repair it…
Her third stuff toy she also chose this one. It is the other lions twin. Well he lost his stuffing and eye.

Photos taken on 9 June 2021

Thank you for visiting with me and Willow.

Have a fantastic week.

Coreen & Willow🐾

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